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Brisbane’s CBD Is Turning Into A Magical Wonderland Of Art

By Katie Stow
15th Jun 2017


We’re already frothing with excitement at the proposed plans for the Queen’s Wharf development; think sky gardens, secret laneways, luxury retail, walkways and cycle ways, and just casually a whole new foreshore, no biggie.

But in case that’s not extra enough for you (whoever you are, you have crazy-high standards), the accompanying artwork program that will complement all this new infrastructure is going to be beyond epic.

The individual concepts–eighteen separate projects in total–range from ‘Destination Artworks’ (large-scale pieces set in high profile locations) to ‘Discovery Artworks’ that will fall along walkways, creating natural art trails, and functional pieces that will provide seating, shade or interaction as well as prettying up the newly built spaces.  

We absolutely LOVE the sound of the Goodwill Extension Discovery Trail Immersive Experience (a bit of a mouthful, yes), a “surreal, mysterious and intriguing trail of discovery” in the mangroves using digital image projection; Crystal Cascade, a massive, suspended mass of sparkliness visible from multiple spots; Bloom, which will see roads, paving designs and the new pedestrian bridge literally blossom with bold, graphic floral patterns; and the interactive Water Play feature—which we kind of imagine to be a grown-up version of running through a sprinkler in summer.

All the ideas are pretty amazing, not to mention ambitious, and are going to need the best of the best artists and collaborators from across Australia and the world to execute them. Brisbane, you’re growing up fast.

Bring. It. On.

Check out all the artwork proposals, here.

Image credit: Brisbane Development 

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