Where to Get Carbonara in Brisbane

By Penny Kidd
22nd Jul 2015

Carbonara is one of those pasta dishes that people love or hate, and if they opt for hate it’s probably because they’ve never had a good one. A bad carbonara is very bad. Lumpy, curdled sauce that resembles scrambled eggs or one that looks like it’s had a tub of cream upturned into a bowl.

But a good carbonara is soooo good. Crispy cured pork, salty hard cheese and a thick rich sauce clinging to al dente pasta. 

Seriously, what genius decided to put those ingredients together? 

This heart-clogging treat is an Italian staple, and we’re here to show off the best in town. These are our favourite bowls of carbonara from the best Italian restaurants in Brisbane.

1889 Enoteca


Guanciale, anyone? 1889 Enoteca's carbonara uses cured meat taken from the pig’s jowl or cheeks, 2-year-old Parmigiano Reggiano and an egg-yolk based sauce making this a special dish. 

Roman Empire

Mount Gravatt East

A family business, Roman Empire has been passing down traditional recipes from generation to generation. Their fettucine carbonara features prosciutto, mushrooms, egg, sautéed with onion and garlic in a creamy sauce.

Jamie’s Italian

Brisbane CBD

Jamie likes his carbonara wet, and with the delicious addition of leeks. He uses artisanal pancetta and opts for homemade rigatoni as his pasta of choice.

La Festa


This old-school version has been quietly described as the best in town, and is well worth a trip out to the bayside. A classic combo of bacon, egg, shallots and cream sauce will have you making the pilgrimage to La Festa


Brisbane CBD and Garden City

Putting the carb-in carbonara, Vapinao’s version is a classically creamy pasta sensation, which has the onion-to-bacon-to-egg ratio just right.

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Image credit: Jason Loucas

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