Cards Against Humanity Are Looking For New Writers

By James Shackell
21st Aug 2018

Fill in the blank. Cards Against Humanity Are Looking For New _______.

  1. Warlocks.
  2. Foot fetishists.
  3. Writers.

Yep, the world’s biggest (and most inappropriate) card game is on the hunt for new people to write dick jokes and overt Donald Trump references. And they’re paying $40 an hour apparently.

Cards Against Humanity have set up a recruitment page for you to join their “pool of remote contributors”. We never considered that someone actually has to write these cards, but it makes sense. So what do you have to do? Simples: submit five ‘black cards’ (the set-up cards) and 15 ‘white’ cards) the punchline.

No experience or qualifications necessary, you just have to be f*cking funny. It’s a bit like that ‘thousand monkeys at a thousand typewriters’ experiment—as long as the monkeys have a wicked sense of humour.  

Submissions need to be in by 31 August, and C.A.H. say they “strongly encourage applicants from historically marginalised communities to apply.” Personally, we’d give our right earlobe to work for a company that raised $100,000 to “dig a tremendous hole”.

Cards Against Humanity have left some helpful tips, too. For black cards, the ‘blank’ shouldn’t come after an adjective, and you should aim for white cards that are ‘versatile” (ie. can be used with almost any black card).

Check out the recruitment page for more info. And don’t screw up—the last guy who screwed up a job interview ended up _________.

Image credit: Business Insider 

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