Catch Of The Day | Brisbane’s Best Seafood Everything!

By Catherine Blake
28th Nov 2016

best seafood Brisbane

Seeing as we’re hurtling headfirst into summer, seafood is shortly going to be top of our dining agendas. The air is sweet, the sky is clear, and the inevitable hordes of Christmas shoppers are poised to descend; summer is so very nigh, so it’s time for a galvanising gambol across the zesty, fragrant refreshment of Brisbane’s best seafood dishes.

Key stops to look out for on this piscine pilgrimage include everything from tiger prawns and bouillabaisse to a laksa-style Moreton Bay bug ramen. It’s perfectly extravagant.

Here's Brisbane's best seafood everything—bibs and crab crackers at the ready!

  1. Sandcrab lasagne at Il Centro
  2. Crispy whole fish with pineapple, Thai basil and chilli at Longtime
  3. Fried calamari with rocket and lemon at Beccofino
  4. The tiger prawn or fish tacos at St Baxter complete with ultra-fresh additions. 
  5. Shellfish bar at Nantucket
  6. Sweet and salty market fish with kimchi at Hello Please
  7. Traditional Bouillabaisse at Boucher Bistro
  8. Popcorn shrimp at Saké
  9. Garlic prawns at St James Crabhouse.* 
  10. The market choice at Jellyfish.* 
  11. Fresh oysters at Reef Seafood and Sushi.* 
  12. Bar Alto’s spanner crab gnocchi. 
  13. ‘Emperor’s Breakfast’ prawn omelette with spicy XO sauce at Happy Boy
  14. Jellyfish salad with shredded cucumber and chilli at Sichuan Bang Bang
  15. Roasted flounder with barberries, raisins, pine nuts, burnt butter and mint at The APO
  16. Kingfish crudo with pomegranate and blood orange at Coppa Spuntino
  17. Confit squid and mussels with hazelnut milk, warrigal greens and kishk at Gerard’s Bistro
  18. Best ever fish and chips at Clayfield Seafood Market.
  19. Sashimi moriawase at Fresh Sushi Co
  20. Soft shell crab ramen at Hai Hai Ramen.
  21. And the Moreton Bay bug laksa-style ramen at Hai Hai Ramen.
  22. Drunken yabbies with saffron butter at Catchment Brewing Co
  23. 1kg mussels from Fish Kitchen Dutton Park.*
  24. Alaskan King crab from Kingsley’s Steak and Crabhouse
  25. Octopus dumplings (takoyaki) at Mizu

*specialty seafood restaurant

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Image credit: Clayfield Seafood Market by Jason Starr

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