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Cheese And Vegemite Pies Have Landed In Australia

By Simone Jovel
14th Jul 2017

four'n twenty vegemite pie

Sometimes in life things just make sense. Mila and Ashton, tacos and Tuesday, vegemite and cheese pies—say what? Oh yes friends, gather ‘round because boy oh boy do we have some brilliant news for you.

Four’N Twenty has just released quite possibly the taste sensation of the decade. Essentially, this is a vegemite and cheese toastie wrapped in pastry. We know, dreams really do come true. 

Now let us give you the low down. A meat pie, with cheese (obvs), and finished with vegemite gravy. Yep. This is ‘Straya in 2017.

As for whether we will try it? Absolutely. How will we feel about it? Well, the jury’s still out on that one friends, but all the same, you'll want to run towards this one. 

Now that we have your attention, did you know a unicorn festival is coming?

Image credit: Four'N Twenty

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