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Chicken Parmie Spring Rolls Exist And We’re DEAD

By Jessica Pridmore
25th Jun 2018


Ah, the humble chicken parmie. Day or night, for breakfast, lunch or dinner, it’s always a good idea to get face first into a parmie.

What makes a parmie better, we hear you cry? Not much, tbh. Unless you cram a parmie into a bloody spring roll!

Local legends Little Big House have really cottoned on to something here. I mean, everyone loves finger food (two words: party pie) so why it’s taken so long for someone to figure out that a parmie shoved into a spring roll is a great idea beats us.

Hand-made on the daily, these delectable finger delicacies are filled with LBH’s chicken parmie then fried to perfection. Beats a bowl of hot chips, that for sure. Unless you order both. Then you’re doing this thing called life right.

Available every day, get on down to Little Big House for a pint and a parmie, just not as you know it.

The details

What: Parmie spring rolls
Where: Little Big House, South Brisbane
When: Every day of the week

Image credit: Little Big House

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