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Chokh Di Is Hosting A Laneway Thai-Style BBQ At Superfly This Weekend

By Catherine Blake
31st Jan 2019

Let's take a break from sneaker collabs for just a hot second to bring you the latest from Woolloongabba izakaya den, Superfly Funk Eye. They’re just about to launch a collaboration series with Chokh Di BBQ for the next edition of their kitchen takeovers.

Chokh Di BBQ specialise in Thai-style BBQ, channelling the street vendors in the Land Na Kingdom and Isaan region of northern Thailand. Their signature fed is charcoal chicken fresh from the flames, with a fresh green papaya salad and some fermented chilli and tamarind sauce for that kick. This is a far cry from Superfly’s usual offerings of Japanese small plates with things like karaage, sashimi, and lotus root chips, but with a collaboration of minds (and venues) comes the best food you'll ever eat. Fact.

Chokh Di will be on the grill and serving their epic feeds from 2pm every Sunday in Superfly’s laneway, while Superfly has drinks covered with a boutique plonk list of minimal interaction and natural wines.

Essentially, this is your next few Sundays well and truly covered.

The details

What: Chokh Di BBQ x Superfly Funk Eye Collab
Where: Superfly Funk Eye, Woolloongabba
When: 2pm-8pm, every Sunday February 3-24

Image credit: Andres Medina

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