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Guys, An OC Party Is Happening In Brisbane!

By Rachel Lay
10th Oct 2016


If your teenhood didn't revolve around kicking back with the The OC at 8:30pm every Tuesday then you really didn't live. In what is probably the best news we've heard all week (read: ever), Woolly Mammoth have announced their throwing a good old fashioned The OC party! It's equal parts nostalgic, exciting and heart breaking (if they play Hallelujah we'll lose it). RIP Coop.

The night will feature early 2000s outfits—get your flip phones, hiptops and Juicy Couture tracksuits out—and, of course, iconic music from The OC (can we get a 'Californiaaaaaa'). It's going to feel just like you're at the The Pier; sans adorable Seth and the God amongst men that is Sandy. Freaking. Cohen. FYI, the best 00s inspired outfit wins a prize. 

We can't wait!

The details

When: November 4th, 8pm
Where: Woolly Mammoth 
Tickets: Get yours here.

Image credit: Pinterest

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