Heads Up, We’re Getting ANOTHER Dedicated Harry Potter Store!

By James Shackell
17th Jul 2018


We solemnly swear we’re excited as hell.

Big news this morning guys. Australia is getting its second dedicated, bricks and mortar Harry Potter store, and it’ll be open at the end of the month. Us cool cats here in Brisbane have already experienced the pure jubilation of an IRL Harry Potter store, with the first EVER HP shop opening in Samford Village last year (what can we say, we're a bunch of trendsetters).

It’s called (spoiler) The Store Of Requirement (yes, just like our Brissie store. No, there is no relation), and it’ll be popping up in Collingwood, Melbourne, only the second city in Australia to get one.

So what can you Muggles expect? Quite a bit. Let’s start with Australia’s largest officially licenced range of memorabilia and collectables. Hats, wands, cloaks, house scarfs, figurines, potion kits, the Monster Book Of Monsters—the works. Prices will range from a cheeky $5 all the way to a $450 wizards’ chess set.

Owner Sharon Hurley says The Store Of Requirement will be “the closest you will get to Diagon Alley on Australian soil”.

Details on the new launch are still trickling out (they’ve put a Fidelius charm on the exact address) but you can keep up to date with all the news on the store’s FB page.

Mischief managed.


Where: Collingwood (for exact location, check with the Secret Keeper)
When: Tuesday 31 July
For more info, click here.

Image credit: Orlando Informer

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