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Here’s Where to Do A Creepy AF Ghost Tour

By Alex Topakas
7th Sep 2017


Haunted movie lovers and ghost hunters unite! Ipswich has unveiled the best (and spookiest) ghost tour in the region!

If titles like The Exorcist, Nightmare On Elm Street and even Tim Burton's Coraline give you the heebie-jeebies, it's probably best that you read no further and spend countless hours on a 'happy cats' thread (the best way to anti-scare yourself, trust us).

For many who grew up in and around Ipswich, 'spook-hunting' was considered a great weekend past-time—seriously, look how far we've come. One of the most skin-prickling places was the Old Ipswich Cemetery, so what better way to join in the, er, fun than on a ghost tour led by lanterns through a terrifying cemetary for two hours!

The excursion features stops at haunted graves and specific sites in Ipswich at the behest of an eerie (yet, very knowledgeable) tour guide, as well as bona fide ghost stories gathered from archives, libraries, and the accounts of former grave diggers and local residents. That kind of authenticity will surely leave you wanting to visit again and again... 

At $20-$30 a pop, prepare for the most spine-chilling two hours of your life as Ipswich Cemetery comes alive with ghosts of the past. 

PS. We'd take a friend, or five. 


When: Saturday 30th September, 7.30pm
Where: Old Ipswich Cemetery
Cost: from $20

For more details and to get your tickets, click here.

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