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The 5 Pieces You Need To Make Your Home Look Like You’re A Real-Life Adult

By Rachel Lay
1st Feb 2017

Homemaker The Valley

Adulting is hard. Trust us, we’ve been there. There’s a certain point in your life when your single bed adorned with Bang On The Door doona covers and plush toys just doesn’t cut it anymore. Hopefully, most of you reached this point quite a while ago, and are just looking for some inspo to make your space feel more sophisticated. Either way, you’re in the right spot.

We’ve teamed up with Homemaker The Valley to find the five key pieces your home needs to take you from share house chic to full blown adult. Think, less milk crates as chairs and pint glasses stolen from the pub and more cohesive colour stories and stylish, successful adult. Or, save yourself the time and let Homemaker The Valley's stylists beautify your home (it's free, so you'd be a fool not to, really). 

Let’s do this!


A Bad-Ass Bed

Having a bed that doesn’t: squeak each time you roll over, smell gross, and actually fits more than just one person is true sign off success in life. More than that, though, is a bed that is dressed to the nines, and actually follows a theme (beyond ‘these are my only clean sheets’).

Start off with neutral sheets (think white, black or grey) and a feature blanket in a colour you can match to your accent pillow. Next up, add European pillows to create height, then standard pillows in both an accent colour (we used pink), and your neutral. Finally, pick two to three cushions that match your accent colour and place them in the front. To complete the look, opt for a textured throw to help break things up. If this sounds like a bit too much effort, call Homemaker' The Valley's stylists and they'll sort you out. 

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A Chair To Curl Up With A Book In

Having a chair that you use for no purpose other than curling up with a book in—or, let’s be honest: scrolling through memes on Instagram—is a clear sign you’ve made the transition into a full blown adult. Allow us to introduce the occasional chair, your next furniture purchase.

But how to style this bad boy?! Easy as pie. Find a neutral coloured chair, place it next to a low side table, top table with fresh blooms and intelligent looking (unread) books and, boom you’ve got yourself a perfectly styled occasional chair. 

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A Hall Stand, Because Adults Don’t Lose Their Keys

A hall stand is one of those things your parents have, but you never actually buy one and end up chucking your keys down wherever you damn well feel like it. Of course, you won’t be able to find them later but that’s a problem for the future you.

The thing is, styling a hall table is dead easy. Start with a feature bowl you can use to store your keys, sunglasses and everything in between. Add flowers, candles for ambiance, a lamp for practicality and you’re almost there! Invest in some wire baskets for under the table to keep things like beach towels and hats, and heck, you’ve done it!

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A Coffee Table With More Than Just A Remote

Coffee tables are often considered a luxury piece. What are they for, when you have a perfectly good lap to keep your food and coffee on? A foot rest, maybe, but a sound investment that does not make.

We hate to burst your bubble, but you’re a damn fool if you don’t have a coffee table. Seriously. Not only are they a place to show off your intelligence via unread coffee table books, but they make your space feel fuller, dressed and all-round more adult.  

Keep it simple with some decorative books, flowers, and a wooden feature bowl and you’ve got yourself a coffee table with style. Homemaker The Valley's stylists are on hand to help out too, don't forget!


Coffee Table by Nick Scali please phone 3257 4907 to shop now. Accessories by Provincial Home Living, Bowl by Early Settler Recollections. 


Plants That Aren’t Dead

Plants that are not only alive, but are used as stylish accessories are the hallmark of an adult home. The days of plants sitting dead, dried up and all-round nasty in your home are long gone. Let’s take a moment to welcome in the new era of healthy, happy plants.

Start with plants that are suited for the indoors (think Poths, Rubber Plants and the like) that are of varying heights. Place them on a feature shelf dressed with nick-knacks, books, photos and more. Now, just don’t forget to water them.

How easy was that? Now you’ve got yourself a very stylish, adult looking home. We knew you could do it.

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Image credit: Hayley Williamson  Design Credit: Gabrielle Stjernqvist

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