How To Beer-Match Your Meal

By Daniel Colasimone
24th Jul 2015

I’m calling it: wine’s glory days are over. If you’re looking for a tipple to wash down a good meal, craft beer is the way to go. These days young Australians, men and women alike, have developed an affection for this ancient nectar, fuelled by the emergence of a thriving craft beer industry. An equally boisterous appreciation for great food has meant that pairing craft beers to your dish is now a respected pastime, with aficionados taking great pleasure in matching their meals with complementary beers.

In that spirit, we’ve even suggested a beer from the James Squire range to go with some of the best dishes in town, as well as highlighting  some beer and food pairings that work just as well in the comfort of your own home.

Pale Ale

One Fifty Lashes is a refreshing pale ale with a fruity nose. It goes amazingly well with fish and chips – not the heavy, oily kind you get from some takeaway joints, but fresh, grilled or lightly battered fish with seasoned potato wedges or chips. Grab a One Fifty Lashes and QLD barramundi and chips at the Story Bridge Hotel for an exquisitely satisfying feed.

Golden Ale

The Chancer is the perfect thirst-quencher with a tropical fruit nose and dry finish. What that means is you want to pair it with something light, tasty and a bit zesty, like seafood dressed with a healthy splash of lemon or lime.

Amber Ale

Nine Tails is a hand-crafted classic amber ale with a slightly nutty finish. You want to enjoy it with a meal that has a bit of substance about it, such as a good old-fashioned roast with veggies, like the pork-tastic roast pig from Alfred & Constance, or your own true blue, homemade roast.

Copper Ale

The Constable is earthy, citrusy and a beautiful deep golden colour. Such a flavoursome, multi-layered beer needs a meal that can match it for ‘kick’. We recommend it with a fat slice of lasagne or its continental cousin, moussaka.

American Pale Ale

Hop Thief is an American-style pale ale which is driven by aromatic hops. The lovely balance of those hops with a rich malty taste ensures it goes well with food that is also quite rich but tasty. For that reason, a spicy curry is the perfect accompaniment.


Jack of Spades has touches of chocolate, coffee with a light creamy finish. It’s a dark, complex porter that, and bear with us here … is actually really enjoyable with a chocolate-based desert. The dark chocolate fondant with raspberries, crumble, and Jack of Spades porter ice cream at The Charming Squire is just the ticket.

Aussie Lager

Sundown is refreshing and easy drinking with hints of citrus. It’s like the lager your dad drank but much, much better. And as scientists have known for centuries, a fine lager is best appreciated with a slice or five of gourmet pizza.


Four ‘Wives’ is a brilliant, golden and distinctive beer with a spicy finish. Do not hide from the spiciness, embrace it. Couple it with a Thai beef salad and feel the endorphins kick in.


Stowaway is satisfyingly bitter so, not only is it a great pre-dinner drink, it also matches nicely with an assortment of dishes. The earthy floral aromas make it well suited to sip on as you tuck into some duck tacos.

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Image credit: Ariana Gillrie

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