How To Dress For The Hoods Of Brisbane

By Morag Grealy
31st Mar 2016

I really admire people who are 100% true to their style wherever, whenever. But if you're anything like me, you'll love any chance to get your chameleon on and jump at any cue to embrace a new style opportunity.

For me, travelling to different cultures is a great way to break out of the reg get-up. Bindis in India? Print headscarfs in South Africa? Palazzo pants in Morocco? A wee touch of tartan in Scotland? Check, check, check and check.

But if a journey abroad isn’t on the horizon for you at the moment, it's time to take a fashion stay-cation on home soil. Everyone knows you should never pop your collar when you’re kickin’ it in West End and probs don’t go shoeless in Ascot. Here's our guide to mixing up your look when you hit the likes of West End, the Valley, the City, Ascot and New Farm. 

The Bohemian in West End 

Hanging out in West End is the prime locay to be at one with your hippiest self. While you’re here make sure you chill out, relax, get your fortune told, breathe in dat incense, wander slowly through the markets (definitely making time for some tree hugging), then hit up a spot of op shopping at Lifeline or SWOP, eat a vegetarian meal at Govinda’s or vegan meal at The Forest or a good old Sunday sesh at The Boundary. I mean, feel totally free to go all out sans shoes, sans makeup and sans hair brush or maybe you could doing something like this:

Classic in the City

If you frequent the Brisbane CBD, I’m guessing you probably work there, which means your style may take on a slightly more corporate and, dare I say, stitched-up edge. Or maybe you’re popping in for a shopping trip. Well here’s your chance to get your classic Sunday-best on. Why not make like your grandparents’ generation and never hit ‘town’ unless you’re dressed to the nines? Here’s a look that could take you from your desk, to shopping up a storm in the Tattersall's Arcade, to high tea at Room With Roses:

The Coolio Couple In New Farm

Out to brunch at Sourced Grocer or coffee at Jamie’s again are we? Or dranks at Sixes And Sevens? Yes we see you cool kids looking every bit envy-inducing, but we’d have it no other way! Strut down the James Street catwalk in something like this:

The Party Pro In The Valley

If you’re regularly hittin’ up da Valley then it’s probably safe to say that you’re hittin’ up da clubz. This hood is the go-to for getting your party-fix so may as well dress for the occasion and whip out the sky high heels and a go for a little bit of glitz like this:

The Yummy Mummy In Ascot

Ascot Mums’ has been a spoof Facebook group for years but hey, they look pretty great. If you’re looking for your chance to let your preppy side shine then head to Ascot and rock something a little like this (child, optional): 


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