HSP Inspired Doughnut Snack Packs Are Now A Thing In Australia

By Ben Tyers
28th Aug 2017


Okay, okay, so we Brisbanites know a thing or two when it comes to excellent cafe offerings, but we have to hand it to our southern sisters in Melbourne for consistently raising the bar when it comes to innovation in food. What's the latest such innovation you ask? Why, the doughnut snack pack. Because of course.

You've had the original HSP, now try the dessert version. Famous Melbourne-based Pizzeria Express are the masterminds behind this dish and they're currently experiencing lines down the street as hungry Melbourne punters wait for their dessert fix.

The 'DSP' comes in a variety of flavour combos; you're looking at options with Nutella, white chocolate, Ferrero Rochers, Snickers, peanuts, Kinder chocolate, Mint Aero, and whatever else the team can get their hands on.

The DSP has been so popular that Pizzeria Express has gone from producing 100kg of dough a night to around 1200kg now, and they've also increased their overall Nutella usage of 6kg to 30kg. That's a massive amount of deliciousness.

So, if you were considering a trip down to the world's most liveable city, now might be an opportune time...

The Details

What: Doughnut Snack Pack
Where: Pizzeria Express, 87 Loughnan Road, Ringwood
For more info, head here.

Image credit: Pizzeria Express

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