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Is This The Best Late Night Live Music Bar In Brisbane?

By Jessica Pridmore
28th Aug 2015

Some nights out just call for fried chicken, live music and a stiff drink. When you really want to cut loose, have a blinder of a night, or just want an alternative to those regs two glasses of rosé at your regs Brisbane bar—you rebel you—there aren’t many places where you can really let your hair down in Brisbane. We mean really let your hair down.

Ever since the honky tonkin’, knee-slappin’, whiskey-sluggin’ bar that is Lefty’s Old Town Music Hall opened its doors, revellers of the night wanting a little bit more from their evening have been kicking up their heels and rocking out to some of the finest damn Rock ‘N’ Roll this city has ever seen!

Bringing back a certain street cred to Caxton Street, Lefty’s has taken inspiration from the vintage American dance halls of old, championing awesome live music and serving up bloody good food, well into the wee hours!

At Lefty’s, we advise that you take a little time out to chow on a few items off the menu not least because that devilishly delish whiskey apple you’re knocking back is the kind of drink that makes you lose your inhibitions. (Where’d you think all those bras hanging off the stag’s antlers came from?)

With a stellar new food line-up, Lefty’s dive bar-style snacks are some of the best in Brisbane; cheeseburgers and chilli cheese fries are clear heroes and their fried chicken is definitely something to write home about. Because, fried chicken…

With a penchant for taxidermy animals (enormous stag heads and a black bear adorn the walls of the main bar), 1920s American dance hall décor, more draped red velvet than should be legal, and a back bar full of the type of fun reserved for only very (very) late nights, Lefty’s is an all out assault on the senses—but my God, Brisbane would be a lesser place without this mistress of mayhem!

Image Credit: Ariana Gillrie

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