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KKW Is Releasing A New Fragrance For V-Day—R.I.P Internet

By Jessica Pridmore
24th Jan 2018

Qween Kimmy K is all about us regular folk living our best lives, guys. She cares about us in profound ways and knows we get our rocks off via big new celebrity product launches and personalised emojis (Kimmy, you know us too well babes). Because she also likes to break the internet on the regs like it ‘aint no thing, she’s gone and launched a brand-new fragrance—just in time for V-Day. Naaw.

Kim also knows just how important it is for the products in your life to be totally good for the ‘gram. After releasing her record-breaking KKW Crystal Gardenia scent (that sold out multiple times over, by the by), we’ll be honest, we were expecting (and we’ll be honest, hoping) more of the same from our muted-toned mogul.

Turns out, not so.

Call her what you like, Kim K knows how to turn heads and do what we least expect (ahem, Chicago), so of course she’s released the KKW Kimoji Heart Fragrance collection in cute as hell pastel hues!

The triple-scent release will be launched on Feb 1, and come in ‘Bae’, ‘Ride or Die’ and ‘BFF’. No idea what they’ll smell like at this stage, however if KKW Crystal Gardenia is anything to go by, we’ll all be totally surprised/delighted/obsessed/will chop off a limb for it etc.

If you want to get your hands on these puppies, you best be hitting the refresh button on Kimmy's website come midnight of Feb 1. Something to think about…

Image credit: Kim Kardashian West via Instagram

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