The Team Behind Rick Shores Are Opening A Chinese Dining Hall In The Valley!

By Jessica Pridmore
15th Jun 2018


Editor's note, Little Valley is now closed permanently.

Blow us over with a bloody feather, this is the news we’ve all being waiting for. After nearly a year (365 freaking days!) of rumours and city-wide gossip swirling, team Rick Shores have finally announced they’re making a huge play in the Brisbane dining scene, with new restaurant, Little Valley set to open its doors next week!

(Our jaws are agape RN…)

Little Valley is being described as a ‘neo-Chinese dining hall’ taking inspiration from the rich and diverse dining scenes throughout China and her key provinces. The menu will heavily feature traditional dishes from key locations across China and adhere to the melting pot of influences that makes Chinese cuisine so goddamn delicious!

The idea to open in the Valley is no surprise, either. Little Valley’s dining influences will intentionally reflect the melting pot of cuisines our beloved Valley represents—quite a nice little touch, no?

More details will come as the boys open up shop next week, but for now, everyone try to keep calm and train those little bellies of yours in the art of overeating—you’re going to need it!

The details

What: Little Valley opening night!
When: Friday June 22
Where: 6 Warner Street, Fortitude Valley

Keep up with all the info, right here.

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