Love To Cook? Australia’s Largest Charity Kitchen Needs Your Rad Skills

By Jessica Pridmore
23rd Jul 2018


Alright, Brisbane, it’s time to put your metaphorical money where your masterful hands are; Australia’s largest charity kitchen is on its way to town and needs a s**t load of you big-hearted volunteers to help serve up fresh meals to those most in need.

FareShare are mere weeks away from opening their first Brisbane location (they’ve been an integral part of the local community down in Melbs for nearly two decades now and serve up over a million meals every. Single. Year) and are looking for bright-eyed, good-vibed people like yourselves to lend a helping hand.

How many legends like you do they need? Glad you asked. They’re on the hunt for 300 volunteers in their new Morningside digs, needed to help their in-house chefs prepare, cook and package up meals. Nearly 100 of you loveable lot (aka legends) have already signed up, and we’re here to up that head count.

They’ve teamed up with Foodbank Queensland and aim to serve up over 5000 per day (not a typo) in their first year, but it can’t be done without all of our help. Previous kitchen experience or training is highly regarded though not required, so don't be shy—get involved!

The first shifts kick off in September, before their official opening in October, with evening and weekend shifts on the cards from early 2019. We all know we have it pretty damn good up here so let’s pass it on and do good for our community. Like they say, it takes a village…

To register to become a QLD volunteer, click here. All the details to become a volunteer and more about the amazing team at FareShare, hit this link.

Image credit: Margo Brodowicz

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