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By Esther Gordon
17th Jun 2016

Overseas Beaches | Where You'd Rather Be Right Now

Winter is officially upon us. And, alongside it, our hedgehog instinction are gearing up a notch or two—think hibernation, books, Netflix, the couch, red wine and “anywhere but here” wanderlust. Oh wanderlust, that blessed trigger that helps get us through Mondays and reminds us that although we are freezing our socks off down under, the Northern Hemisphere is just gearing up. Temperatures are rising and cocktails are a’shaking.

Here’s our pick of the best pick-me-ups to get you through this winter.

Belly Up In A Pool In Cancun

A favorite of many and an easy destination for a beach vacation is Cancun. It’s super family-friendly, boasts adventure parks, underwater sculpture museums and no shortage of hot, hot sun and salty sea. The “Cancun hotel zone” offers a vast array of luxurious hotels including the JW Marriott, providing fuss-free, all-inclusive packages. You name it, you got it—gyms, pools, restaurants and bars, plus all hotels in this area come equipped with their own private beaches. Mexico, we’re coming for ya.

Yoga And Surf In Kerala

Some people think that India as a relaxing getaway is an oxymoron. That the curries are always hot, the pace chaotic, the noise levels loud and the streets overcrowded. True of the north, but the south offers totally different vibes. Here the curries are sweeter, the pace is gentle and the streets not as hectic. Varkala is such an example. This coastal Kerala town is a great place to head for some chill time by the sea. The township itself is remarkably set back into a cliff with the beach below it. Cafes and restaurants lining the cliff top offer freshly squeezed juices or beer served in a teapot. Stroll down the hill and stop by the many ayurvedic centres offering beauty treatments and massages. Or, if you managed to forego the beer at lunch, take in a yoga class.

Aloha Hawaii

What really is not to love about Hawaii? This is a beach holiday that delivers on many levels. The shopping in Honolulu is a definite bonus, with lots of boutique shops and some of the high end labels too. Honolulu boasts some great eats, Bill Grangers’ Bills, Alan Wong’s fusion perfection and La Mer for fancy French feasts. Of course, let’s not forget that Hawaiian beaches are among some of the most stunning, with white sands and crystal clear, temperate waters. If you’re not big on crowds, Kauai (the garden island) should appeal more than the commercially developed Waikiki and Honolulu.

Hippy Styles On The Sunshine Coast

A hop, skip and a drink away from here will see you arrive at the pristine beaches of the Sunshine Coast. Known for its top-notch surfing, eco-parks and nature reserves, its little wonder this chic costal paradise attracts the arty, the creative and the spiritual. On the coast, you’ll find no shortages of handmade goods, art and local wares at local markets. Plus, plenty of yoga, fresh organic food and hippy styles fashion. Heck, we’ve even got the ultimate guide to all things Sunshine Coast here.

Tanning And Tango In Buenos Aires

It might be a fairly long flight but once you feast your eyes on the colours of Argentina’s capital, it will be 100 per cent worth it. Food and drink lie central to the heart of Argentine culture and Buenos Aires’ wide avenues and cobblestone streets are lined with cafes, restaurants and patisseries. It helps if you like meat here as it seems to be the the star of the city’s gastronomy. For beach hopping, it’s best to head outside the city (Partido de la Costa is a fave) but the nightlife in BA is not to be missed. Plus, its unlikely you could miss it as this city never sleeps. Sip on cocktails and tango on through the night, we say!

Image credit: JW Marriott Cancun

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