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Pimp My Ride: Uber SELECT Has Launched In Brisbane!

By Phoebe Grealy
28th Oct 2015

If cruising around town in luxury wheels is your thing, your day has finally come.

Uber SELECT has just launched in Brisbane which basically means that all the Uber Beemers, Mercs, Audis, Hummers and Porsches in the city are at the ready waiting for you to treat yo'self and select them as your ride of choice.

And for those of us with champagne tastes but beer budgets, the good news is that Uber SELECT, while a little more pricey, still comes in at below-taxi prices.

Just a word of warning though, there's only a limited number of luxury Uber cars on the road, so plan ahead if you’re pulling out the big guns for date night.

The Uber SELECT option is available within the current Uber app. 

Image credit: Porsche.com

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