Plot Twist | These European Countries Are Making It Easy AF For Young Aussies To Work Overseas

By Simone Jovel
27th Jul 2018

new aussie holidaty visas

Do you even millennial if you haven’t packed up your life and moved to London to make the most of our place in the Commonwealth? Didn’t think so. It’s safe to say we all know someone who’s currently navigating the cramped share house situation and shocking exchange rate that is the UK dream, which is why when we heard there was not one, but two countries welcoming Aussies to have that #culturalexperience #followmydreams kind of Instagram life, we obvi had to do you all a solid and give you the deets, stat.

Aussies can now head to Prague (the beer is cheap here you guys), or Vienna (the beer is not as cheap here FYI), thanks to shiny new youth work and holiday visa agreements between our mate Malcolm and his friends in Austria and the Czech Republic. Allow us to break this down further, if you’re between the ages of 18 – 30 you can travel, work and study in Austria, and if you’re between 18 – 26 years of age you can do the same (with cheap beer) in the Czech Republic.

Now for the small print, visas are of course limited with only 200 Visas available in Austria and 500 in the Czech Republic, so forget the group chat and sort your shit out now, hopefully they’ll come visit.

Let's face it, you're now dreaming of European adventures so you'll want to head right here.

Image credit: Unsplash

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