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PSA: Eat BULK Avo For National Smashed Avo Day This Weekend

By Dominique Shields
11th Oct 2017

What did we do to deserve avocado? This diverse fruit has been at the centre of many a scandal recently, including a world shortage and being blamed for millennials not being able to afford houses. Pfft. With fame comes blame, amiright? But, what can’t be disputed, is the fact that smashed avo is the most superior brunch item on any menu (someone, please, tell us why it always tastes better at a cafe).

That’s why when we heard that this Sunday is the inaugural National Smashed Avo Day we appropriately lost our shit because smashed avo = life. How has this not been a thing until now?

National Smashed Avo Day is about something so much more than just worshipping at the avo alter, though: this Sunday, order smashed avo at any participating Brisbane café, and 100% of funds will go to youth and homeless charities in Australia. Love.

How do brunchers get involved you ask? Simple. By ordering smashed avo on Sunday you’ve become an #OfficialBruncher and have the opportunity to donate straight from your smartphone.

As Australia’s first ever live Insta fundraising event, simply upload your smashed avo pics at any participating venue and donate to a worthy cause.

How do businesses participate? This weekend we encourage as many local businesses as possible to register as an #OfficialBrunchVenue: simply register your venue here, serve up your signature smash and get involved with making a real difference in the lives of so many.

We know you don’t need convincing to order this menu icon but this is your chance to do it for a such a worthy occasion, so get ready to #BrunchForACause Brisbane!

The Details

What: National Smashed Avo Day
Where: Participating cafes
When: Sunday October 15, 10am–11:30am

For all the info, to register your business and to check that your fave Brisbane café is participating, click here

Image credit: Hayley Williamson for The Urban List

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