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PSA: Sailor Jerry’s Frozen Cocktails Are The Heatwave Miracle We Need

By Jessica Pridmore
22nd Sep 2017

Brisbane heatwave

Brisbane, as if you couldn’t tell, we’re in the midst of a freak heatwave. 35 degrees and it’s only September? I don’t know about you but I’m thinking about migrating to cooler shores this summer…

Meanwhile, we’ve got to make it through this hot weekend hell, which essentially means we’ll be propped up at our local bar for the most part. One such Brisbane bar has thought ahead, putting the health and happiness of us, the Brisbane public, before themselves by creating the mother of all drinks to make it through the next few days.

Behold, The Flying Cock’s Jerry’s On Thin Ice—the grown up slushee of your summery dreams! Featuring a heady mix of Sailor Jerry’s, crushed ice, fresh lime and ginger beer, this is a total thirst quencher.

Available for a limited time from The Coop Bistro at The Flying Cock, what better way to escape the clutches of a heatwave than with a glass (or three) of this cocktail cooler?

Honestly, boys, we salute you!

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