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These Totally Adorable QLD Police Puppies Need Names!

By Jessica Pridmore
27th Jun 2017

Because what could be cuter than a bunch of fluffy puppies to brush away your weekday woes? Absolutely nothing, that’s what!

These super-cute, super fluffballs, super adorable puppas are all set to be the next group of super pups to start puppy training school with the Queensland Police. And they all need names!

There are seven of these six-week old squishy-faced doughballs that need names—and that’s where you come in. Because of the powers that be, these new recruits must all have names starting with the letter ‘G’; so put your thinking caps on and start naming these chubby recruits!

From Gus to Gismo to Gryffindof, these tiny pups are set to protect our beautiful state, and they deserve 'g'reat names to match when fighting crime! 

To submit your puppy name suggestions, hit this link. We think we're in love...

Image credit: Queensland Police

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