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Everything We Know About Brisbane’s Sci-Fi Theatre Festival

By Catherine Blake
25th Feb 2019


This April, Brisbane will play host to the country’s first ever science fiction film festival with the Sci-Fi Theatre Festival. stretched over four days, the inaugural festival aims to showcase local emerging and established talent flexing their sci-fi muscles over a variety of media including artworks, live theatre performances, dance, videography and a bunch more. The full program is yet to be released, but already organisers have promised a line-up of nuclear goo, time travel, and interplanetary beasties.

As a genre, science fiction is a pretty intrepid and only a slightly more plausible than fantasy, so imaginations run buck wild. Known for themes like time travel and literally anything in space, science fiction is responsible some of the most popular entertainment franchises like Star Wars and Doctor Who. But distinct from low fantasy and even magical realism, science fiction offers an explanation for everything (however unlikely) and is always plot-driven and action-packed.

If you’ve ever considered yourself a fan of The Terminator, The Matrix, Mad Max, Jurassic Park, or Back to the Future then this might just be the festival fo you.

Check out Sci-Fi Fest’s website for ticket prices and all the details as they roll out. 

The details

What: Brisbane Sci-Fi Theatre Fest
When: April 11-14
Where: Norman Price Theatre, South Brisbane

Image credit: Stocksy

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