Sushi Burritos and Poké Bowls Are Coming to Brisbane!

By Andrew Yap
8th Sep 2016

Sushi Burrito Brisbane

Do you love Japanese food? Tick! Do you love burritos? How about burrito bowls? Tick! Tick! Then you’ll love sushi burritos and poké bowls, two of the year’s hottest food trends. And they’re both coming to Brisbane, kids.

What the heck is a sushi burrito I hear you pondering? Sushi burritos are exactly what the name suggests: sushi conveniently rolled into burrito sized portions, making easy to eat on the go and saving huge waiting times.

And if you’re not across poké bowls, you’re not really living. No affiliation with the also popular Pokemon, and already a massive food trend in LA and New York, the poké bowl is essentially a super fresh, Japanese inspired rice bowl, usually topped with raw fish and other fresh raw goodies.

And, coming to you this November is new Brisbane joint Suki, which will be staying on top of the food trend by serving these amazing creations. No, we can’t wait that long either.

Stay tuned to The Urban List for more information.

Image credt: Healthy Nibbles and Bits

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