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Take The Cake | Brisbane’s Best Cake Caterers

By AJ James
21st Oct 2013

You are really going to enjoy this list if you need to take a cake to a celebratory function and you…

A. Can't bake to save yourself

B. Tried to bake and failed miserably

C. Are big on outsourcing

D. Do not enjoy baking or

E. Acknowledge that somethings, like tight-rope walking and surgical operations, are best left to the experts.

In which case (and speaking of experts), read on for our list of where you can get a 'cake to take'. Either bought off the bakery floor (not literally) or ordered ahead of time, and then, if you're lucky, personalised with a little chocolatey plaque for your loved one. Take home cake is the way to go. Sparklers optional. (How good are sparklers?)

Pamela's Pantry
What a woman! The lady does it all, from baked cheesecakes to flourless orange and almond, but our pick is the Chocolate Sour Cream. It's moist and the icing is just far too moreish. Cake writing is an extra $5, with fresh flowers on request.

Jocelyn's Provisions
Everyone loves JP. And yes, we know we give them a lot of love on our pages, but, hey, their cakes taste so good (it's because they put the good stuff into the mixing bowl!). The chocolate is of a high quality, so too, the butter. Every forkful is a delight, and you're left standing over the cake, knife in hand, saying 'just one more slice…'

Welsh Lady
If you really want to blow them away, head for the Welsh Lady. We can't take our minds off the thought of a freshly baked butter cake, sliced into three layers and sandwiched with raspberry coulis, fresh garden strawberries and fresh cream. Or perhaps her 'Death by Chocolate', which sounds ominous in the most cocoa appreciative way. And, is, suitable for members of the coeliac community.

Vanilla Pod
Did you see the cake they made us on our second birthday!? (Click here to relive it in its celebratory glory). They're the place to go if you'd like a rainbow cake, or a dessert that when cut open, spills good things out (it's called a Pinyata cake, FYI).

Oxford Street Bakery
Here's where you head to when you want a true 1980s classic delivered in joyous style. They've chocolate and cherry sponges sandwiched with cream, and the cupcakes are pretty darn cute, too. Think bright icing and lavish toppings, maybe a cookie on top, a marshmallow puppy OR cakes that look like milkshakes. So fun.  So fluffy.

Petite Treats
We love Petite Treats! It's a recent find  (and we'll be posting a review of them soon) but each day they have whole cakes to buy, and you can order ahead should you need a larger sponge. These guys don't mess around. They know what they're doing and you'll find all the classics on offer.

Hawthorne Garage
Feel like the goodness of a Jocelyn's Provisions cake but don't want to venture across the Story Bridge (let's be real, the traffic can be a nightmare)? Stress less. They stock a number of JP's cakes so you can pick up your chocolate sour cream topped with ganache, no worries. Phew. 

Where do you grab a take-away cake when you're too lazy to bake? Let us know in the comments below!

Image credit: Annie Eats, Gourmet


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