The 13 Types Of Men You’ll Meet During Movember

By Jessica Pridmore
27th Oct 2016

movember 2016

Beards are sexy. Everyone knows that (Sorry Dumbledore, you don’t count), but moustaches are yet to reach this level of godliness. However, we all know the time of year when you start to see a lot of Freddie Mercury lookalikes, kisses start to become scratchy and you realise that some guys just shouldn’t grow facial hair… ever.

Nonetheless, all of this hair-tickling behaviour becomes apparent and acceptable for the month of Movemeber, due to the crazy amounts of money and awareness raised for men’s health—it’s a serious issue that we totally support.

But, with boyfriends, dads and friends taking part, we wanted to give you a bit of a heads up of what is yet to come and have a little fun. Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

1.     The one who gets far too attached: Come April next year, it’ll still be there.

2.     The one who can’t grow one: Is your boyfriend in his twenties or in his teens?

3.     The one who actually looks better: From a four, to an eight out of ten in a matter of days, hubba hubba!

4.     The one who gets out of control: Like a hurricane of hair has just hit their face, we beg you to stop.

5.     The one who never stops touching it: Eww, ewww and ewww.

6.     The one who won’t stop looking at themselves: Cue selfies and a whole lotta fishing for compliments.

7.     The one who grows a ginger moustache: But you have black hair! How is this possible?!

8.     The one who attracts all the girls: Back off ladies, this hairy hunk is mine.

9.     The one who looks like a creep: Cross the roads, kids.

10.  The one who takes it too far: Charlie Chaplin one week, handle bar the next, what’ll be next?!

11.  The one who gives up: There’s only so much moustache in the coffee you can take.

12.  The one who twirls it: Cue hipster behaviour and a whole lot of soy milk flat whites.

13.  The one whose goes patchy: Reminiscent of road kill and grossness.

Aside from everything we've just said, have fun this Movember and give yourself one hell of a pat on the back for all the money you’re raising. Go you!

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Image credit: Movember via Facebook

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