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The Anatomy Of The Perfect Picnic Basket

By Rachel Lay
6th Sep 2016

Anatomy Of The Perfect Picnic

Picnics aren't just soggy sandwiches and poppas anymore,  no. Welcome to the new era picnics. It's quite the time to be alive, really - picnics have taken things up a few notches and the weather is just prime for the picnic-ing. 

If your picnic game isn't quite on point, don't fret. We've got the anatomy of the perfect picnic dissected, step by step, just for you. Now all you need to follow along and wow your friends with your domestic skillz. 

First: Set The Scene

As with basic engineering, a good foundation is everything when it comes to building bomb-ass picnic basket. Start with a picnic rug, but nothing boring please. We love using cuts of fabric in fun prints to serve as a reprive from the sea of tartan that often runs rampant at most picnics. Next up, we're all about having a picnic basket that does it all. This baby from The Stores fits all the food you could possibly want, holds your crockery and fits a sneaky bottle of bubbles. Winning! Make sure you bring along pillows too because no one likes being uncomfortable for hours at a picnic. 

Second: Bring On The Food

The best part about a picnic is, of course, the food. Our biggest tip is to pack foods that will last in the Aussie sun without going gross. The basics we can't live without are: a crusty baguette, soft and hard cheeses, anti pasti, cold meats and fruit. Plus, we like to bring some sweet stuff along for post-cheese devouring like this chocolate to pair with your fruit. We make sure to stop by The Stores beforehand to stock up on all our cheese, bread and cured meats needs. 

Third: Enjoy!

The last step is by far our favourite: eat it. Go on, sit back, pop open a bottle of champers and chow down on some cheese. After all that hard work you deserve to relax with the best picnic ever. 

All food for this shoot was supplied by our friends at The Stores, West End. Make sure you check them out to take your picnic to the next level. 

Your Picnic Hit List

Image  and design credit: Gabby Stjernqvest. 

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