The Best Frozen Desserts For Hot Summer Days

By Rachel Lay
24th Nov 2016


The only way to escape the heat this summer is to find somewhere with air con and get cosy with a frozen dessert. It’s a fact—BOM has said it is so (don’t look that up, though). We’ve done the hard yards and found all the best desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth while also keeping you cool this summer #lifehack.

Here are the best frozen desserts in Brisbane so you can stop stinging off your parent’s air con.

Pawpaw Café


Pawpaw Café has seriously shone a new light on the beloved soft serve. The newly revamped ‘coco whip’ is like soft serve, but healthy, vegan and gluten-free. Order yours topped with coconut, granola, fresh fruit or whatever you fancy. Best of all, it’s cold when Brisbane is hot #Winning. Nobody loses here, not even your bikini body.

Queen of Pops


Queen Of Pops in Clayfield have gone and taken Brisbane's obsession with all things caffeinated, and turned it into delicious, cute AF frozen popsicles—genius! Choose from cafe latte, cappucino, hot choc and loads more coffee flavour combos. Oh, and make sure to indulge in one of their choc-top dipped blocks, too, dipped in either crushed nuts or hundreds and thousands!

Ruby The Little Red Ice Cream Van

Various Locations

If you’re lucky enough to have crossed paths with Ruby The Little Red Ice Cream Van we’re pretty damn jealous of you. Why? Because this is as close as you’ll get to the deliciousness that is the soft serve of your past. Ruby (that’s the van) has an Italian ice cream machine on board, so you know she’s dishing up the goods. How nostalgic; soft serve from an ice cream truck!

Motto Motto

Mt Gravatt

Motto Motto in Garden City is a bit of an undiscovered gem. These guys do a mean matcha soft serve in a fresh-made waffle cone, and yes, we’re kind of addicted. They do vanilla too, if you’re feeling a little less adventurous. Or, if you’re a serious advocate of the YOLO life (or you just suck with decisions), you can get both in a marble swirl. Aw yeah!

La Macelleria Gelateria


Teneriffians would rather us not dish the dirt on this local gem, but when good ice cream pops up, we'll be damned if we don't yell it from the rooftops! La Macelleria's authentic Italian gelato is a far cry from your supermarket neopolitan tub; think Crema Bologna, Stracciatella, Pistachio, Hazlenut, this is serious stuff. For the most decadent frozen treat, ask for their gelato-filled brioche—gelato + sweet brioche bread = heaven on earth!



If you’re unfamiliar with Bingsoo, you’ve been missing out for way too long. It’s a Korean shaved ice dessert, but that description doesn’t really do it any justice. The bingsoo at Passiontree is life-changing. These guys do every kind of Bingsoo imaginable, heck, there’s even one in a carved out watermelon, and there’s green tea, red bean and even cookies and cream! We have a feeling you and Bingsoo are going to get along great.


South Bank, Chermside

Pretty much anything on the menu at Cowch is perfect for the sweltering summer months. Their naked pops take the cake when it comes to cool-down desserts, though. Chocolate, vanilla, peanut butter, peppermint, pomegranate, and bubble-gum flavoured ice cream on a stick, dipped in your choice of salted caramel, milk, dark, or white chocolate. We’re drooling already. Plus, there’s a pretty epic banana split on the menu, and we can’t argue with that.

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Image credit: Queen Of Pops by Ariana Gillrie

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