The Best Television Shows You’re Not Watching

By Ellen Seah
4th Jul 2016

Best tv shows you've never heard of

We’re officially (almost) halfway through winter, which means there are only a few more weeks left of being a semi-hibernated, strictly indoors-only sloth. Make the most of it by curling up with your cosiest blanket and catch up on these six television shows you’ve seriously been missing.

Nathan For You

Nathan For You is a show so awkward you will find your face firmly affixed to your palm for the duration of an episode; and each episode after that, because you obviously can’t watch just one episode at a time. That would be stupid. Nathan is self-proclaimed marketing expert, who got at least a c on his exams, that’s here to save your failing business. With ingenious ideas such as using parody law to name a café “dumb Starbucks” and instigating a viral video of a goat saving a baby piglet, your business is well and truly in safe hands with Nathan. But, not really at all. We’re going to go ahead and say it: this is one of the funniest TV shows of all time.

The Night Manager  

Stock the fridge with ice cream, cookie dough and candy, this mini television series is the perfect choice for a winter weekend binge. A thrilling six-part crime drama, the too-pretty Tom Hiddleston plays level-headed night manager, Jonathan Pine, who is recruited to infiltrate Richard Roper’s (played by Hugh Laurie) extensive crime network. Not for the faint-hearted, BYO doona to hide behind.


Orange Is The New Black

The show everyone loves to, well love, has returned for its fourth season! Despite trawling through cast pictures and possibly creepily stalking a ruby or two, the producers have kept tight-lips about what’s in store for Orange fans. New cast additions include Jolene Purdy, Blair Brown, Brad William Henke, Mike Houston and Kelly Karbacz. Get around them, ladies!



Cleverman is just that—extremely, extraordinarily clever. The Australian-New Zealand-American television series you haven’t been watching but need to, Cleverman is set in a dystopian future where “Hairys” are segregated from the “civilized” population. A landmark step in Indigenous storytelling, the program creator Ryan Griffen originally came up with the idea as a way to inspire his son with an Indigenous superhero. Also, the cast members are a bunch of total babes. Not that that’s important. At all.


Mr Robot             

Returning this July, if watching the first season of the mind-boggling, intensely trippy Mr Robot has somehow slipped your mind, now is the time to catch up! Follow cyber-security engineer Elliot Alderson, impeccably played by the talented Rami Malek, as he navigates the world of hacking and joins the notorious underground hacking group, f-society. Winning a string of awards for its first season, we can only expect greater, grander things from season two.


Crazy Ex Girlfriend

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend stars Rachel Bloom as Rebecca Bunch—the crazy ex-girlfriend!—in a musical comedy that actually works. Yes, we said musical, and yes there is lots of breaking out in song in the middle of a conversation. Stay with us though - it works, promise. The show follows Rebecca as she tries to win the heart of her high school boyfriend, Josh, after turning down a partner opportunity at her law firm and moving back to her hometown to woo/stalk him. The show is smart, funny, and confident and if you finish the pilot without ‘Josh Just Happens To Live Here’ stuck in your head, well, you’re lying.


Image credit: Independent

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