The CBD restaurant bringing back fine dining for a pinch!

By Jessica Pridmore
17th Jul 2015

Inner-city pros have long been stumped for delicious dinners and lunches that aren’t vended from street corners or served in disposable wrappers. Though delicious, these options don’t have quite the panache and general standards of comfort that perusing a wine list ‘neath a freshly laundered napkin evokes. The quest for a decent work lunch is an arduous undertaking that more often than not lands you in the kitchenette wolfing a Cup-a-Soup.

The dream of finding an equally delicious and affordable meal in Brisbane’s CBD had all but faded to legend until fresh hope popped up on Edward Street. It’s fitting then that punters may discover this unexpected find in an unexpected place; Brisbane’s Port Office Hotel is full of surprises.

Behind the façade of awnings and the black paved bar, the Port Office’s Fix Restaurant is our latest food fixation for inner city dining that will break your belt before it breaks the bank. Featuring a full food menu and offerings of everything from Moreton Bay bugs to Wagyu sirloin off the grill, Fix Restaurant is a tasty testament to the best produce South-East Queensland has to offer.

For a delicious and indulgent culinary romp, we love hitting up Fix’s four-course lunch or dinner deal—just $100 gets you and a partner each a starter, entrée, main and a dessert plus proximity to Fix’s wine bar and the stellar liquors within (tables book up well in advance for this, so click here to make a reservation). More moderate appetites can sate with quick bites at the bar, while even the designated drivers will be chuffed with the Port Office’s parking deals.

And let’s not forget Fix’s unwinding service at the end of the working week. Every Friday afternoon the Fix Wine Bar and Marble Bar serve complimentary tapas to parties of four or more (perfect for the workaholic types — check all the deets here) while more concentrated Friday fiends can always hit up the two hour debriefing cocktail sesh (book your table here).

Whether you’re after a luxuriously long lunch, a quick bite or a really cracking glass of rosé, we can’t go past the Port Office Hotel to get our fix.


Image credit: Esteban Rivera

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