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The ‘Yes’ Vote Is Leading By 2.2 Million Votes RN

By Ange Law
18th Oct 2017

If you need some help restoring your faith in humans this week—listen in. According to Newspoll, as of this morning almost 11 million Australians have submitted their votes for the marriage equality survey, and the ‘yes’ campaign is leading with 59% to 39%. Like we said, it’s helping restore faith in our fellow humans this morning. 

Now, there are a lot of weighty statistics floating around about the results this morning, so let us make this real simple for you. For the ‘no’ campaign to win at this point, three of every four votes would have to be a no. And we’re just thinking (and hoping) that there’s no way that’ll happen—but this is no time to become complacent, it's not over until it's over so you still need to vote if you haven't already. In even more promising news, word on the street is that the Labour party are clearing the way to push a bill through the Senate as early as 15 November, the very same week the Australian Bureau of Statistics publishes the results. 

On a more urgent note, if you received a dodgy form or, you know, lost yours (no judgement) then you’ve got until 6pm this Friday to request a new one. There is literally no time for mucking around people, head here to sort that form out STAT

Image credit: Unsplash

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