Think You Know Brisbane? These 11 Things Will Surprise You

By Catherine Blake
4th Dec 2015

Things To Do In Brisbane

So yeah, you’re a Brisbaner. You’re down with the customs, you know where the decent coffee is, and where to get all the pancakes. Life has slowed to a comfortable plateau and I bet you were just fine with the easy pace of your golden hometown, right?


Brisbane’s gone and done it again. The seemingly sleepy city is simply bristling with unturned stones and this time it’s bust out 11 nutritious factoids like a piñata you bought at an organic supermarket.

If you’re running out of ‘did you know?’ icebreakers, take note of the following and whip ‘em out next time you run into Darren Lockyer:

  1. We’re the only Australian city that shares our namesake with a crater on the moon.
  2. No matter where you are in the world, if you type ‘rendezvous’ into Google maps it will lead you to the Hungry Jack’s in Queen Street Mall.
  3. Despite our local governing body, Brisbane City Council, covering an area over 3000 times that of Vatican City we manage to maintain order without a single member of the Swiss Guard.
  4. As the official birthplace of the Lamington, Brisbane is globally renowned as the spiritual homeland of last-minute desserts.  
  5. For the entire four hours that the Queen spent in Brisbane on her 2011 visit not once did she decline an opportunity to skol a XXXX or throw a salute to Stefan’s Skyneedle.
  6. The Story Bridge is the longest cantilever bridge in the country, which pretty much makes us the Quebec of Down Under.
  7. Our colourful and poetic regional dialect is responsible for the Australian habit of adding ‘-o’ onto the end of everyone’s name eg. Johnno, Stepho, Balthazaro etc. 
  8. Brisbane has its own 'catacombs': the 140-year old Spring Hill Reservoir. While the reservoir was built to house Brisbane's water supply, every millilitre has been drained and it's been turned into an underground opera venue because of the excellent acoustics!
  9. Our commitment to the paradoxical #zombielyf makes Brisbane’s annual Zombie Walk the largest and most successful on the planet, dead set.
  10. The aggressively sunny days and almost vulgar blue skies are all remnants of a David Copperfield illusion that his crew forgot to dismantle.
  11. No one actually cares where you went to school.

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