This Toasted Nutella Ice Cream Burger Is LIFE

By Jessica Pridmore
16th Oct 2017

ice cream burgers brisbane

One word: Nutella. Noting has the ability to send the entire town of Brisbane into a sugared frenzy than the utterance of this humble nut spread. On anything. In anything. On a spoon. This chocolate spread holds iconic status for good reason.

It’s also fair to say that we as a whole are very receptive to burgers. And dessert—because who isn’t?. So in news that will delight practically everyone (except the lactose intolerant and any that give more than simply a passing thought to their ‘summer bods’) and surprise literally no one—because clearly you can see where we’re going with this—a Nutella ice cream burger exists and oh-my-god-we-cannot-deal!

Enter: The Iceburg from Red Hook. Simply a dessert burger, this dreamy dish is compiled of vanilla ice cream and oozy Nutella stuffed into a toasted brioche bun—oh, and coated in hundreds and thousands. AMAZING!

Gloriously simple-yet-decadent, the iceburg is bordering on the inappropriate such is its melty innard-slash-chewy exterior mash up. If you couldn’t tell, we’re really, really into it.

Brissy, you know what to do: rain, hail or shine, get yourself over to Red Hook asap for a sweet, sweet burg.

Image credit: Tash Sorensen for The Urban List

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