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A Unicorn Serum Exists And You Can Now Buy It

By Ange Law
25th Sep 2017


Prepare to lose your collective shit guys—a unicorn serum exists and you can now buy it in Australia. This pink, glittery serum may just be the answer to all of your skin-related prayers. And if not, it’ll probs make getting ready every morning slightly more fun.

Okay, so here are the actual real life facts. This magical unicorn essence is an oil-free serum loaded with antioxidants, so basically acai berry, goji berry, elderberry and blueberry have all joined delicious forces to keep you and your lovely face young forever. The fact that it’s oil free means you won’t be left looking like an oil slick by lunch time, and you can even use this bad boy as a makeup primer. It’s just a bonus that Farsali (the legends behind the serum) is cruelty-free. ‘Nuff said.

Grab the Farsali Unicorn Essence from your local Sephora then please, for the love of baby unicorns, report back. 

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Image credit: Farsali

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