We Check Out New Brisbane Doughnut Shop, Donut Boyz

By Phoebe Lee
29th Jun 2015

Remember a time when cupcakes ruled the land? Well, their reign is over and a new delicious treat has stepped up to our plates. Welcome to the donut dynasty, friends. As your tastebuds have probably already reported, a number of new doughnut shops have risen up around Brisbane. Leading the flavoursome pack is West End pop-up, Donut Boyz

Operating out of a converted shipping container on Boundary Street, Donut Boyz is nestled right next to West End’s iconic café, The Gunshop. They open at 10am each morning, stocked to the hilt with freshly made treats delivered straight from Donut Boyz’ Sunshine Coast headquarters. 

With so many great doughnuts on offer in Brisbane at the moment, you have to ask yourself, ‘What makes deez ‘nuts better than the rest?’ An excellent question, my savvy friend. 

As co-owner Tony explains, it isn’t just about a donut. “Each one is carefully thought out and prepared. We see them as individual desserts, like you would find on the menu at a great restaurant. We don’t compromise on flavour and quality.” 

Coming from an experienced and impressive restaurant and chef background, Tony has taken the humble donut and turned it into a fine-dining experiencing. His ‘farm to donut’ approach is taking things to the next level. Just like a restaurant menu, donut flavours are inspired by local and seasonal produce. For instance, the strawberries used in the Strawberry Glazed donut come from a local farmer on the Sunshine Coast, which means it tastes like fresh, delicious, sweet strawberries, not sugary syrup that comes out of a packet. 

Every ingredient used is top-notch, from the chocolate and illy coffee right through to the butter and fresh eggs, supplied by a local farmer in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Doughnuts are made fresh daily with absolutely no preservatives being added to them, which means the doughnut you buy from Donut Boyz was made that morning. 

So, how do they taste? Really, really delicious. The actual doughnut is made from a brioche dough, giving it a rich, buttery flavour with a light texture and the perfect balance of sweet and salty. This perfect, airy base is then fried in rice bran oil, which means the doughnut doesn’t take on any of that nasty oil taste or leave any yucky residue in your mouth when you bite into it. 

The doughnut is then topped and stuffed with gooey, sweet, salty, sour, chocolatey, crunchy ingredients, turning it into a tasty masterpiece you can’t ignore. It’s one of the few times in life when you can ‘grab a six pack’ on your way to work and not be judged for it. 

Delicious seasonal flavours on offer at the moment include the ‘Chocolate & Peanut Butter,’ comprising chocolate and peanut butter custard filling topped with chocolate frosting and peanuts. Sink your fangs into the ‘Lemon Meringue Pie,’ with a house made lemon curd filling and toasted Italian meringue on top. 

For those with a penchant for caramel, try the ‘Caramel Pecan,’ with a delicious caramel glazed doughnut topped with caramelised chopped pecans. Donut minimalists are onto a winner too, with a ‘Cinnamon Sugar’ and ‘Classic Vanilla Glazed’ available. My favourite has to be the insanely good ‘Strawberry Glazed’: a strawberry glazed doughnut topped with strawberry frosting, crunchy chocolate pearls and sumac. 

The fillings are generous and taste clean and simple. There’s no sickly sweet syrupy stuff going on here, the jam taste like real home-made jam, the lemon curd has the bitey taste of real lemons and the chocolate tastes like, well, happiness. 

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Want opening hours, location, and all the details? Check out Donut Boyz on our Directory!

Image credits: Ariana Gillrie

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