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By Jessica Pridmore
26th Jul 2016

Phat Elephant Brisbane, best thai brisbane

If there’s one cuisine we Brisbanites love even more than burgers (because that’s a cuisine), it’s Thai. From the city streets to the sleepy ‘burbs, Thai restaurants are the Aussie equivalent of British pubs; they’re literally on every corner. And we’re not complaining!

Personally, I’d easily inhale my fave Thai dish on the daily (who wouldn’t want to eat bulk spicy noodles all of the time?), though quickly entering back in to bikini season and you know, money, makes me think twice about this.

Nether the less, you want to spend your hard earned dollars on more than just greasy take out, so know that not all Thai is created equal round these parts. Sure, your local take out joint does a mean Pad See Yew for under a tenner, but when looking for delish Thai joint that strikes the balance between more formal dining and eating fish cakes in your sweats, some spots get the balance just right.

The recent opening of Phat Elephant in the CBD means that finally, you can now get great tasting Thai for dinner that doesn’t come served out of a container. Throw some pretty stunning views of Post Office square and the city skyline into the mix and you’ve got a new Brisbane restaurant worth writing home about.  

But who cares about the view—we’re here to talk food! Phat Elephant is all about unadulterated, unfussy, authentic Thai cuisine. Expect all of your favourite, iconic Thai dishes that we all know and love, and a variety of lesser known dishes for the more adventurous. A highlight on the menu is their crispy soft shell crab with a spicy chilli dip and the chilli and basil chicken mince. So good!

Other classics like their beef cheek Massaman curry and pineapple fried rice (for the record, I consider pineapple in anything a total win) are a must-try. Traditional curries come plated atop candle burners (no lukewarm dishes here), and portion sizes make Phat Elephant an ideal spot to descend en masse, banquet style.

To drink, choose from local beers and a variety of Thai options, and don’t even think about not making your way through the cocktail list. Phat Elephant also make freshly pressed fruit juices, ideal for when the temps rise come summer.

In essence, Phat Elephant is one of those restaurants you didn’t even know the city was missing, until it popped up; great-tasting, authentic food, a decent drinks list, and the perfect location to meet pals after work.  

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