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We Love Our Lamb | Brisbane’s Best Lamb Dishes

By AJ James
17th Oct 2013

Just like Sam Kekovitch, we love our lamb in Brisbane. We love a slow roasted lamb shoulder (we did a round up last year, you can check it here), we love a loin, we love a cutlet, heck we love it any which way. We've had some good discoveries in the past month or three, so thought best to revisit the animal that  brings out the need for a little more, in us all.

Il Locale
This Rosalie newbie is fast gaining traction for some of its dishes, and the lamb shoulder is no exception. It's roasted for 12 hours, and the owners, Mark and Narelle Tognini, were told by a customer "I could make a roast on a Sunday night, or we could come here and have yours". Go figure. Go get it. And get a side of oven-roasted potatoes too.

Hatch and Co.
Another newbie with some serious lamb on their menu. This hefty lamb shoulder has this delicious lemon and garlic dressing going on, too. We've heard word that patrons can't stop ordering it,; sounds like a cult dish in the making to us. Well, you are what you eat folks.

Okay, this is one truly delicious lamb iteration. It comes with peas, mixed with mint and feta, and jus (aka fancy gravy). It also is made using 'Saltbush lamb', which means the animals have grazed on saltbush shrubs, giving the meat a fuller flavour, and leaving an enduring after taste.

The Jetty
Not so much sharing (it's plated just for one) this dish gets our tick owing to the fab' red wine, tomatoes and olive concoction it's cooked in AND the creamy polenta it sits atop.

Pearl Café
There are your fancy lamb dishes and there are your simple, and perfect dishes. The lamb shoulder sandwich with garlic labna and cress from Pearl Café is lunch-time perfection.

Gerard's Bistro
Share plate perfection is the saltbush lamb loin from Gerard's, with white eggplant and cumin puree. A crispy belly make this dish one to covet.

1889 Enoteca
The lamb cutlet with broad beans, pecorino romano, and mint is done in robust Roman style by the gang at 1889 Enoteca. Pair this with their greens with anchovy dressing and you're in heaven.

Bar Alto
Ooo yeah! It's an oven roasted Victorian lamb rump served with faro (an ancient delicious grain), artichoke, mint and pecorino. With that view of the river and a glass of red… What more could you want on a Sunday?

Got some lamb you love that we've missed? Do share!

Image Credit: Pinterest

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