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We Played An Escape Room And Lived To Tell The Tale!

By Rachel Lay
5th Oct 2016


If you’ve ever been a fan of Cluedo, indulged in a Law and Order marathon, or are a pretty nifty social media sleuth your brains would come in handy at Brisbane’s best escape room: Escape Hunt Brisbane.

Not to toot our own horn, but we consider ourselves quite the sleuths: we’re able to tell you exactly where that dish in your Insta feed is from, can decipher the latest food trends at a glance, and manage to stay abreast of all the happenings in Brisbane like it ain’t no thang. But, chuck us in a room to solve the murder of a high profile MP with nothing but a stylish Sherlock Holmes outfit and it’s safe to say we’d wind up pretty much stumped. And that, my friends, is exactly what happened when we tried our hand at Escape Hunt. Spoiler alert, we made it out and solved the murder just in time.

What’s An Escape Room?

If you’ve ever played the highly addictive, panic-inducing app ‘Can You Escape’ we’re guessing you’ll be a pro at an Escape Room. Why? Because the rooms were inspired by the app. Escape Hunt Brisbane is home to three differently themed rooms, all scenes of crimes that until now, have remained unsolved and shrouded in mystery, that are in need of Brisbane’s best detectives (ah, that’s you) to crack the case. Upon arrival you’ll recieve a briefing on the backstory and, most importantly, will have the opportunity to kit-up in your Sherlock Holmes outfit. We played 'Murder At The Barber Shop' which is set 100 years ago, and is the scene of high profile murder of an unpopular MP. Other rooms include Treachery at the Race Track, which tells the tale of a jockey who dies under ~mysterious~ circumstances. The last room is the hardest to solve: Bomb At Government House. It’s up to you and your team of brilliant detectives to find the bomb before it’s too late. Talk about nail biting.

Once the door is hypothetically locked, a big timer starts ticking down from 60 minutes. The aim? To get out of there, solve the crime in as short a time as possible and press the big red button to ‘escape. 

What’s It Like?

Without sounding completely dramatic, it’s possibly the most fun we’ve ever had sans cocktails. Upon arrival, you’re left wondering how anything in the room could ever possibly be a clue. After ransacking the room, you begin to realise the importance of each item—that random piece of paper in a coat crumped on the floor? Game changing. The poster hanging on the wall? Instrumental. Don’t discount anything. But, to keep things fun, there’s also a bunch of red herrings.

We will warn you, the adrenalin rush that comes with opening a lock or solving a riddle is addictive. There were mean squeals when team TUL took to the Escape Rooms.

Don’t forget to keep a track of you who you think the culprit is, because the timer won’t stop until you’ve correctly solved the case.

Because Escape Hunt is located in ‘vibrant’ West End (translation: lots of bars), once you’re done sleuthing we highly recommend you step outside and take your newly fortified team out for some beverages.

The Verdict?

Escape Hunt is the best fun we’ve had in a long time. We felt 10 times smarter, strengthened our relationships, and we have to admit, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of hitting that big red button when you’ve finished a room. We have a feeling this might just be our newest addiction. Escape Hunt is the perfect option for corporate functions, a family day out or to celebrate a birthday. Or, if you're game, even a first date. To book your Escape Hunt experience click here.

Image credit: Yaseera Moosa

This article is sponsored by Escape Hunt Brisbane and is fully endorsed by The Urban List Brisbane. For more information on our editorial policy please click here.

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