Brisbane’s Weirdest Loaded Fries (That Are Actually Delicious!)

By Cailin Sheppard
10th Oct 2016

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Oh, potato, how we love you; every baked, mashed, and fried way. We were certain you couldn't get anymore damn delicious, but, we were wrong.

Welcome to the fold, freaky, topping-loaded Franken fries; the weirdest, whackiest loaded fries in Brisbane!

The basic idea? Fry up some chips, throw whatever you can think of on top and see how it goes. It can get pretty weird. Brisbane is all about the loaded fries life and it has brought us some pretty strange combinations—not that we're complaining! For your dining pleasure, here are the weirdest loaded fries in Brisbane. Eat up!

Nom Nom Korean Eatery

Fortitude Valley

In a showdown between east and west, Nom Nom Korean Eatery’s Kimchi Fries is fusion street food at its strangest and arguably most delicious. The zing of flavour from the kimchi with sesame seeds, spring onion and sriracha on top of their crispy fries makes this plate as satisfying as can be. They kind of make you want to eat them every day for the rest of your life.


Petrie Terrace

With 10 different types of seasoning for their fries on offer, you could say that Fritzenberger are a little bit obsessed with frites. Aren’t we all! Alongside their Vegemite, salt and vinegar, and beetroot salt, comes their Twisties salt, an exclusive addition to their infamous loaded frites. Cheese sauce, candied bacon, green onions, Fritzensauce (ooh, so secret) and Twisties salt. Just try not to drool!

Halal Snack Packs


Ah, the OG loaded fries—as dirty and delicious as ever. This deconstructed kebab takes away all the salad and adds all the sauce. Some call it the best thing they’ve ever consumed (or at least on Saturday nights they do) so surely they must be on to something? You can get your hands on these babies at pretty much any kebab shop in town. Ask for a HSP or a chicken and chips and the good people will know what’s up.

Ze Pickle

Fortitude Valley

Ze Chips from Ze Pickle are all kinds of yum.This awesome combo fries comes with maple bacon, spring onion, ZP sauce and IPA beer cheese sauce. What's in the ZP sauce you may ask? We don't know, but it is ace! It's a sweet and salty love affair on one plate that makes it seriously impossible to just have a couple of chips. You can't help but eat every last drop of beer cheese and that sauce along with every last piece of maple bacon. It's a momentary addiction that you'll be happy to give in to. 



Dedication to fries is a quality that we appreciate at The Urban List, and ChipTease most definitely know their stuff—we love it! Loaded fries are right up their alley so naturally, if anyone could take on a dessert chip, it’s this little food truck. Their signature dessert chips come in the form of hot, sugar-coated sweet potato fries, topped with Chantilly crème and drizzled Nutella. You could call it weird but let’s face it, anything with Nutella on it, is going to be a fly time.

The Yiros Shop

South Bank & New Farm

Kudos to the person at The Yiros Shop who one day said to themselves, “Forget the pita! Forget the salad! Just add more chips!” and their Greek topped chips were born. This off-the-menu item is a saucy, meaty and salty taste sensation; seasoned fries, your choice of meats and sauces (go the tzatziki!), feta and a cheeky sprinkle of oregano. Greek loaded fries, you have our hearts.

Shady Palms


Raise your daily vegetable count way high with the vege fries from Shady Palms. The mushrooms, spinach AND potato pretty much make it a salad, just with the addition of cheese, house-made ketchup, ranch and BBQ sauce. We are just going to keep telling ourselves that it’s healthy…

Getta Burger

Various Suburbs 

You would think that adding more than one type of meat could get a bit much for one’s taste buds, but Getta Burger's Filthy Fries turn that whole idea on its head. Although it’s not the weirdest combo, the sheer enormity of these loaded fries take it to a whole other level of wow. With their classic fries and smoked salt dust covered in cheese, topped with beef brisket, pulled pork, grilled onion, maple bacon, ranch, mustard and their special BBQ sauce, this is the kind of meal that makes you sit back after you’re done and say ‘who ate my fries?!'.

After any frie feasting, everyone knows a much needed drink is required. Wash down with one of Brisbane's best Aperol Spritz'. Because classy.

Image credit: Ariana Gillrie

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