Where To Get Delicious Nachos In Brisbane

By Rachel Lay
16th Jun 2016

best mexican brisbane

Nachos are one of life’s greatest pleasures. Often titled a dish for ‘sharing’ we’re more fans of devouring these solo, so you can trust us when we say we know our nachos. So we’ve put our years of hunting down the best nachos into practice to compile this list of Brisbane’s best nachos. Enjoy!

#1 California Native

Texas may lay stake to the claim, but we’re going to assume everything is bigger in California based off the size of California Native's nachos. In this case, bigger really does mean better. The house deluxe comes topped with slow cooked chicken, pork or beef, jalapenos, olives, black beans, salsa, guac and all of the cheese. Yes please.

#2 Sin Vida

For those who prefer their nachos a little more laid back, Sin Vida is the spot for you. With a classic corn chips and guac option you can’t go wrong. With avo, tomato, white onion, coriander, jalapenos and pepita crumble you’ll be thanking the nacho gods for this one. Sometimes less really is more, plus if you opt for this one there’s more room for tacos. Fool-proof logic. 

#3 Yard Bird

Oh boy, the nachos at Yard Bird do not disappoint. Picture this: corn chips piled up with Mexican cheese, salsa, fresh guacamole and sour cream. Classic, but epic. Plus, you can choose to add chicken, chilli con carne or a vegetarian option of bean mix. Plus, you can follow it all up with their out of this world wings. Sounds like a plan.

#4 Beach Burrito

If beachy vibes and Coronas aren’t enough to solidify Beach Burrito as a top tier nacho offering, then having their delicious nachos will probably do it for you. The OG chilli nachos are an unbeatable classic, while the nachos especial is piled up all of the cheese and guac. Vegos, take note: there’s also an entirely vegetarian nacho offering here too. You can also swap the nachos for fries too, if that’s your thing.

#5 Super What Not

Laneway fave, Super What Not, sure do know how to whip up a mean plate of nachos. With black beans, cheese, pico de gallo and tantalisingly tender 12 hour slow cooked beef, this one’s a winner. Best enjoyed on a lane way bar crawl, of course.

#6 Pepe's Mexican

Ah, Pepe's Mexican – how could we possibly forget you? Classic Mexican done right, without sparing any of the flavour is what it’s all about. Obviously, these are best served with a margarita.

#7 El Torito

El Torito is another classic Mexican option in Brisbane, complete with sombreros adorning the walls. Despite their menu touting these as ‘to share’, their nachos are beyond yum meaning these could easily be gobbled up by one. The options are customisable (we always add extra cheese) and the corn chips are super duper crunchy – bye soggy chips!

#8 Dos Amigos

An oldie but a goodie, Dos Amigos is all about sitting in booths with your friends sipping Coronas and salt-rimmed margaritas eating classic, cheesy Mexican food. Not to mention, the special nacho sauce and shallots also play a part in winning us over.

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Image credit: Vege Bar

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