Where To Go For An Epic Weekday Lunch

By Chloe Sputore
4th May 2016

It’s no secret that lunch is the best part of any work day, but so often we opt for sub-par lunches because a. we’re trying to save money, b. we’re too darn busy to leave the office and c. we have a years supply of tuna burning a hole in our desk drawers.

Well, we’re here to tell you how you can score an epic weekday lunch without breaking the bank, all thanks to Jamie’s Italian! All you have to do is commit to leaving the office for your lunch hour, as well as donate all those guilt-inducing tuna cans to your local food drive.

For just $25, the good people at Jamie’s are dishing out delicious, quick and affordable two-course meals as part of their new Super Lunch menu.

It’s up to you whether you choose a starter and main, a main and dessert, or a starter and dessert (you crazy cat)—and if you’re finding it too dang impossible to choose, you can always throw in an extra $5 to upgrade to three courses. Treat yo’ self, we dare you!

Jamie’s Super Lunch menu features old-time favourites like the porcini arancini, truffle tagliatelle and tomato and ricotta bruschetta for starters, while for mains there’s a freaking delicious Italian steak and frites dish as well as an epic super food salad for you healthy folk out there.

When it comes to dessert we go gaga for Jamie’s warm fudgy brownie with vanilla ice cream and caramelised amaretti popcorn­­­—aptly named the Epic Brownie—but there is also a creamy panna cotta which sounds pretty freakin’ delicious too.

To take advantage of this epic lunch deal all you have to do is head on down to Jamie’s at 237 Edward Street, Brisbane from Monday to Friday between 12pm and 5pm. If you can’t get enough, you could even go for lunch AND an early dinner, we’re sure Jamie won’t mind!

What are you waiting for? Book a table at Jamie’s today!

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Image credit: Jamie's Italian

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