Where to Workout in Your Lunch Hour

By Sophia McMeekin
28th Jul 2014

Squeezing a workout into your lunch hour seems, to us, to be the height of organised, health-conscious maturity. Lunchtime classes leave plenty of time for night-time socializing, and morning snoozing, so, needless to say, we think they are the bomb diggity. They also help you power through the afternoon without a cup of tea and biscuit, which is a small miracle in itself.

Because Brisbane's gyms know that you've got sh*t to do, they've generously made it easier to fit that quick lunchtime pilates classes, yoga sessions, butt clenching, ab crunching, workout in. 

These are our picks of the best lunchtime classes in Brisbane.

The Active Living Room | Newstead 

Ok, so this isn't technically a gym, but it's close enough. The Active Living Room, part of the Lorna Jane store at Gasworks, hosts an array of work out classes to suit all fitness types. Their lunchtime classes include express abs and butt (yes, that's what it's called) and express strength and stretch. Perfect for those of us who want to squeeze in a workout, and squeeze our glutes simultaneously. 

Function Well | Newstead

Almost directly across the road from our office (you'd think that would make it easier to get there, but, no), is the awesome Function Well Gym. The team at Function Well know all too well how busy life can get, and how easy it is to let your exercise go by the wayside (especially in winter when we'd rather we wearing socks and drinking hot Milos), so their weekly timetable consists of a wide variety of group classes, including a 12:30pm spin class on every day of the week.

Stretch Yoga | CBD

Looking for yoga in the Brisbane CBD? You want Stretch! This place has the lunchtime yoga scene sorted, with two classes on every weekday lunch time (one at 12pm, and one at 1pm). Thoughtful, no?

Studio Pilates | Hamilton 

If smashing out a pump class or boxing sesh during your lunch break makes you cringe, Studio Pilates could be your new best friend. Designed to elongate the body, improve flexibility and tone hard to reach spots, reformer Pilates is a less aggressive workout, while still an intense exercise (so you won't be in desperate need of a hair wash post workout). Studio Pilates offer a lunchtime class every Thursday, which runs for 45 minutes, so you'll still have plenty of time to grab yourself a green juice before heading back to the office. These guys are the at the fore of luxe reformer Pilates in Brisbane.

Aquarius Health & Medi Spa | Brisbane CBD

Both a gym and a wellness center, Aquarius is the one-stop lunchtime workout spot for the CBD's corporate crowd. Offering all over body training, water classes and yoga from 12:15pm through to 1:15pm during the working week, they've got your lunchtimes sorted. 

F1rst Class Fitness | Brisbane CBD

Tucked away in the CBD, F1rst Class Fitness Studio is the crème de la crème of lunchtime training in Brisbane. F1rst Class Fitness offers a lunchtime 'meltdown' class every Friday from 12:30pm — an intense hour-long cardio session, designed to raise the heart rate and burn some serious cals! 

Have we missed your favourite Brisbane lunchtime workout class? Let us know in the comments below!

Image Credit: Refinery 29

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