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Where To Find The Best Hole In The Wall Coffee Joints

By Danielle Read
21st Nov 2018

hole in the wall coffee shops gold coast

With so many activities on the Gold Coast, we find ourselves darting between swims, snacks, strolls and coffee on the reg. Often the idea of hitting a cafe, sitting down and interrupting a zoomed-up pace just isn’t an option. That’s where hidden pick-up-and-go coffee shops come in. 

Frothing your milk in all kinds of unexpected places, here’s exactly where to find the best hole in the wall coffee joints on the Gold Coast.

Paper Cup


When you need to refuel the automobile and yourself, Paper Cup is your go-to. Sitting pretty within a nearby petrol station’s set of shops sits this hidden gem. And they even offer fresh blooms on the daily. They’ve arguably got some of the best coffee on the northern end of the Coast as well as delish raw slices, smoothie bowls and healthy burritos to go.


Burleigh Heads

This tiny cafe literally used to be a hole in the wall. No really, it’s a converted ATM space. Squeezed into bustling James Street, Seadog dishes up slices to snack on when you're on the run and organic coffee from Peru. Burleigh’s newest one-man show is run by Brodie Green, a third-generation coffee enthusiast.



These guys are less of a hole in the wall cafe and more of a porthole cafe. Tucked out of plain view in Currumbin’s industrial estate, Portside is backed by none other than Jeremy Lawnikanis. A lifelong Gold Coastian, Jeremy’s been around the tracks. Pouring his magic at places like Blackboard, Canteen, Espresso Moto and Paddock before opening his killer spot back in 2016. Top notch brews, sun-basking and nautical goodness makes Portside a locale you need to lap up.

Percy's Corner


Picture this. You’ve just skedaddled from the tram in a flurry. You need coffee and you need it NOW. Enter: Southport’s rustically charming Percy’s Corner to sweep you off your feet. Built inside the Gold Coast’s original Ambulance Station (in full operation between 1920-1940), this place has history. As well as epic sea salt and chili topped toasties, filter coffees and dazzling baristas. Pull up a stool for ultimate Sopo people-watching or grab and run.

Borough Barista

Burleigh Heads

When the salty-sandiness of Burleigh’s foreshore wraps you up into a crunchy shell-encrusted burrito, you need an easy place to grab a bite. And more importantly, refuel your soul with a hot cup of the good stuff. Lucky for you, a visit to Borough Barista is the perfect place to grab a cuppa and one of their Caveman Bowls—roasted dukkah pumpkin, eggplant hummus, avo, pale and a poached egg with paleo toast.

Hand Coffee


“Have a nice day.” It’s the phrase behind Hand Coffee’s name and the perfect side dish to your morning pick-me-up. Niceties go a long way and so does fast, personable service, and this is something that Hand Coffee excels at. In an attempt to bring Melbourne’s alleyway coffee joint experience to our shores, Broadbeach’s hole in the wall cafe has been a hit ever since their roller door opened. Created by two mates who met playing footy, be a team player and stop by for a bevvy.


Burleigh Heads

Nothing beats setting up camp on Burleigh Hill with a caffeinated slurper in your hand while overlooking the Gold Coast’s romancing cityscape. Nestled right into that landscape is Nook. While there’s about enough room to swing a tiny keyring cat inside, this hole in the wall setup means you’re lapping up the breeze and views outdoors while the coffee flows. Warning: the convenience of this location means you may be three cups deep all before 9am.

Board Culture

Mermaid Beach

Ever sung the Rick Astley classic, ‘Never Gonna Give You Up,’ to your morning cappuccino? Chances are, when you waltz into Board Culture, it’s playing in store and we think that’s worth a cheers. If you’re in the market for a surf sled and need good coffee fast, this is your your place. Order daily specials like $10 B&E muffins plus coffee from the window. Or chow down on toasties, their infamous bomlettes (burrito omelettes with all the trimmings) and kick back to good tunes seven days a week.

Stairwell Coffee

Surfers Paradise

Skip the maccas queues and head straight to The Centre Arcade’s Stairwell Coffee, hidden beneath, you guessed it…stairs! This cute as a button coffee joint serves up locally roasted coffees, delish jaffles (with a side of pringles) and creative bagels. Think: Nutella and cream cheese or bacon and maple schmear. Look for their minty exterior—you can’t miss it. 

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Image Credit: Hayley Williamson for The Urban List 

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