How A Career Coach Can Lead You On A Path To Workplace Domination

By Chloe Sputore
4th Dec 2018

Career coaches are a big deal in the US, but not so much here. Perhaps we’re put off by the term “coach”, thinking it implies we need serious improvement. Or maybe we just don’t know they’re a thing we can take advantage of. 

Well, today we’re here to dive into how a career coach can lead you on a path to workplace domination.

What exactly are they?

A career coach is someone hired to offer guidance and expertise on anything related to employment. Coaches (or mentors) tend to specialise in certain areas covering subjects like job search strategies, interviewing, salary negotiations, leadership and career transitions.

How can coaching help?

If you’re fresh out of uni and on the job hunt, seeking out a promotion or in need of a bit of guidance when it comes to managing your team, a career coach can be extremely helpful. But they can also be super useful if you’re happy with your job situation. It’s basically like being the guest star on a career podcast with the spotlight on you and all of your burning questions answered (and tailored just for you).

How do you find one?

Seems like a bit of a dumb question when you’ve got Google, doesn’t it? Have a gander online and narrow down a shortlist. Once you’ve got this it comes down to expertise and price. A one-hour session can range from around $150 to upwards of $200 and depending on what you’re after you may need more than one meeting. Can you really put a price on career satisfaction, though? We used a service called Career Contessa and connected with a US coach who had experience working at Space X and Omaze.

How to prepare?

If you go through with it you’ll be spending a decent chunk of your cash on a mentor, so you want to make sure you’re using your time wisely. Prior to your meeting you’ll want to share your LinkedIn profile with your coach, as well as your most recent resume. You’ll also want to spend a couple of hours thinking about what you’d like to get out of the session and let them know so they can be prepared. Essentially, the more prepared you are, the better the outcome for you.

What to expect

If your coach is fully aware of your situation prior to kicking off the session you should be pretty ready to jump in straight away, but they may get you to chat through your work history to get you feeling more comfortable. Meeting with a coach is kind of like talking to a counsellor, so be prepared to get a little vulnerable. Come with pen and paper and take notes, they will be sprouting wisdom left, right and centre and you don’t want to miss any of it (especially not when you’re paying for it). Your coach will offer up techniques and suggestions that you can put into practice, and they’ll also give you plenty of time for questions. Expect to feel totally motivated once you’ve finished your session. Take time out afterwards to go through all your notes and formulate a plan of attack that will see you totally dominating at work.

Now go forth and nail it!

Keen to land your next promotion? We’ve got three handy tips for you here.

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