10 Pastimes For Adults Who Are Sick of Adult-ing

By Florence Tan
13th Jan 2016


Being an adult can be pretty exhausting. Sure, there’s the fun stuff, like alcohol, sex, coffee and not needing to watch Home & Away to be considered cool by your friends. But then there’s the legitimately boring, soul-draining stuff like taking the bins out, paying bills, doing laundry and recognising that the silent treatment is not an acceptable breakup technique. 

Therefore it makes sense to take a break from adult-ing every once in a while to avoid getting burnt out. You know what they say – everything in moderation, including maturity. We’ve rounded up the best activities in Sydney to help you rediscover the child within and temporarily forget about tax returns, car trouble and health insurance.

Extreme Trampolining at Sky Zone


Sky Zone is a massive indoor trampolining venue with giant foam pits to jump into, slamdunk arenas, dodgeball courts and tonnes of interconnected trampolines. 

Tree Surfing at Tree Top Adventure Park


Tackle trees, bridges, walls, nets and ziplines at Tree Top Adventure Park. You can pick your own adventure or simply hang out in the Treehut. 

Mini Golf-O-Rama at Unreal Mini Golf

South Penrith

Can we get a ‘hells yeah’? The good folk at Unreal Mini Golf have an epic indoor mini golf park with six different themes and Hollywood style special effects (faaaancy!). Pick up your putter and make like Tiger Woods (but without all the adultery).

Escapism at Strike Bowling 

Various locations 

Looking for things to do in Sydney that are reeeeally different? Head to Escapism – dark places where the clock is ticking, the creep-out factor is high and you have to outsmart a puzzle-master. We like the one at Strike Bowling – there are six different escape experiences to choose from, and you’ll encounter hidden doors, red herrings and brain-bending clues.

Boating at Lane Cove Boatshed 

Lane Cove

Well this is just a little romantic isn’t it? Row row row your boat down the Lane Cove River in one of these adorable little vessels. And since this is a strictly no motor boats allowed zone, you and your date can pretend like you’re back in Year 7 where the awkward silences were long and handholding was basically a home run. 

‘Colour Me Swooooon’ at QBD The Bookshop

Various locations

This is where the adult colouring-in craze meets your poster-filled bedroom walls. Fangirl or fanboy your little heart out with ‘Colour Me Swooooon’ and scribble away all those disastrous Tinder dates one by one with the sixty gorgeous guys for you to colour in. And don’t you worry, if you’re pulling for the other gender there are plenty of other renditions like Miss Delevingne or Tay Tay for you to get in on the ‘mindfulness’ trend too.

The Art of the Brick: DC Comics at The Powerhouse Museum


Geek out at “The Art of the Brick”, an exhibition that celebrates those underwear-clad heroes we know and love in one of our other childhood loves: LEGO. Created by celebrated LEGO artist, Nathan Sawaya (i.e. the guy who has the best job on the planet), all your favourite good guys and bad guys will become larger-than-life. Running till May 1st 2016, there’s also plenty of interactive events for you to get involved with like creating your own bird’s-eye superhero photo (capes and all) and contributing to the Museum’s giant comic strip. 

The ITS at The Giant Dwarf Theatre


Ahhh to be young again. It was a time where a whoopee cushion was never not funny and knock knocks ruled the schoolyard. Defer the cynicism for a night or two and get prepared to laugh your butts off thanks to the comedic geniuses at the Improv Theatre Sydney. They perform regularly with one of Australia’s favourite Improv duos, “The Bear Pack” and you can try out your own comedic timing at one of their free workshops. 

Paste Modernism at aMBUSH Gallery


Reminisce about your teenage years when rebellion was high and The Smashing Pumpkins was on repeat. Paste Modernism at aMBUSH Gallery brings together over 400 street artists across the globe and celebrates this usually overlooked art form. As part of the series, Sydney-based paste-up artist, Konsumterra will be hosting a number of free workshops till January 23rd 2016 where you’ll get to learn the basics of pasting up. Bookings are essential. 

Summer Sessions at Wet ‘n’ Wild


Wet ‘n’ Wild, where you control the… oh wait. While the slide you made out of an old piece of tarp and detergent is all well and good for your backyard, this is a whole other level of slip ‘n’ slide action. With a seemingly endless amount of rides for you to conquer including 360 loops, stomach-lifting drops and man-made waves for you to catch a break on, it’s basically the definition of summer. 

Or... Just Hire a Ball Pit

Your house

So that no one gets in the way of your sweet, sweet non-adulting. It won't be weird at all when the delivery guy asks where the kids are.

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