11 Exercise Trends You’ve Probably Never Tried

By Ally Parker
17th May 2015

Image credit: Sky Fit

Sick of the same old slog? We’ve got 11 not-so-normal exercise trends to spice things up (because endless running in the one place belongs in cartoons only). From learning to dance like Queen Bey, to getting fit on rollerskates, these Sydney fitness studios are dragging us out of our it’s-too-cold-to exercise-where-are-my-carbs-and-trakkies slump. Here’s where to get your unusual exercise moves on!


Put aside memories of cul-de-sac skating sessions and lace up those trusty, albeit rusty, four-wheelers—we’re going skating! Rollerfit will see you learn skating drills and perform exercises and games all in the name of cardiovascular fitness, core strength, agility and balance. Locations are scattered all over Sydney so why not give it a go? Your ten year-old self will thank you for it.  

GoodGod Dance classes

For those whose daily repertoire includes “I know all the moves to this” there might be nothing greater than GoodGod’s dance classes. The inaugural beginners session kicked off in July last year, but following the outrageous success of Bey’s 7/11 video, GoodGod are holding another round of classes for those keen on learning some new moves. BYO Kale sweatshirt, knee pads and portable Yoncé shrine. They’ve also introduced Britney’s ‘Slave 4 U’ class, so stop washing your hair now in preparation (for that hot and sweaty look, of course).

Physicore aka Lagree Fitness

Known as ‘Pilates on steroids’, Physicore is not for the faint-hearted. Prepare to tone and strengthen muscles you never knew you had using the classes’ reformer beds, and for your very understanding of ‘coordination’ to be undone. That being said, this exercise trend has its converts for a reason; the results are a big step up from traditional Pilates and include a boosted heart rate and muscles working overtime. Don’t worry, recovery is just as important as the workout. We hope.

Aerial Yoga at Sky-lab

Yoga is going 3D at Sky-lab. Anti-gravity aerial fitness is no longer the medium of the elite, well-toned few. Aerial yoga, with the aid of an antigravity hammock, has incorporated aspects of Pilates, and dance to take plain ol’ granola yoga to the next level. Zero compression inversions (fancy speak for ‘upside down’) allow the circulatory and lymphatic systems to refresh and gentle traction allows for decompression of the spine; results that simply cannot be achieved in savasana. Aerial yogis will also benefit from core strengthening, eased muscle tension and increased balance, agility and kinesthetic awareness, so pop on over and slide into a hammock.


Exercise fanatics, serial scrimpers and indecisive guys and girls rejoice, AnyClass are the newbie on the fitness scene here to save the day. For $25 a week, members are given access to unlimited classes at a range of partner studios. Featured classes include Muay Thai kickboxing at 8 LIMBS Combat & Conditioning, pole classes at Bobbi’s Pole Studio Sydney and whole-body strength, cardio and core sessions at Damien Kelly Fitness. This app will be available at the end of May, so keep an eye out for this one to hit the fitness scene!


Turns out the whole time you were jumping around, on what hindsight tells us was a very, very unsafe trampoline, you were exercising. Who knew? The folks at Sky Fit realised just this and have opened up the trampoline land of your dreams. Aside from double-bouncing unsuspecting friends, visitors can sign up for 30 min classes ranging from single cardio workouts to more intense sessions targeting thighs and booty or even incorporating cross training and suspension ropes. Sign up in May and Sky Fit will donate $5 from every membership to the Heart Foundation.

Scenic Cycle

While the view of smelly man back and/or see-through leggings might entice the occasional cycler to the gym, it doesn’t really do it for the rest of us. Scenic Cycle heard our cries and have answered in the most spectacular fashion. Riders can choose from the French Alps, NYC streets, St, Tropez, Mt Fuji, Los Angeles and more across two high definition screens for scenic cycles or incorporate a little mood lighting for Rhythm sessions designed to get well and truly in the zone.

Ninja Camp

Sadly, this exercise experience does not include actual ninjas, however, what it lacks in stealth and high kicks it makes up for holistic Bali vibes and fitness. Unlike the camps of our youth, Ninja Camp is luxurious and designed to stimulate and nourish the body and mind via fitness, nutrition, yoga and massage. Now that’s one way to get the most out of your annual leave days!


If you feel like you missed out on the quintessential high school experience due to a distinct lack of dodgeball (American movies have mislead us in so much) then perk up ‘cause the world’s most ‘kill or be killed’ sport has hit Sydney. Grab a team of strong-armed friends and head on down to Five Dock for a friendly Friday game, or sign up for regular exercise (see: avoiding bruises/seeking glory). Remember, “If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball”. 


Not only is Quidditch an I-kid-you-not thing but they’re also a big-time, proper organisation with uniforms, logo and .org website. Before you start getting too excited you should know that they haven’t managed to reverse engineer flying broomsticks just yet, so you will actually get quite a workout sprinting, not flying, up and down the pitch. You can however, sing the theme song and grin away to your heart's content. Side note: the best team name goes to the New South Wales gang, Snapes on a Plane. 


We don’t know about you, but we won’t be caught dead at the gym without our leg warmers, sports belt and fuchsia lipstick. For those whose exercise priorities line up in similar fashion, head on down to Retrosweat (locations in Alexandria, Bondi and Surry Hills). Retrosweat is a fun take on 80s style aerobics that’s ideal for those keen to spice up the monotony of regular exercise or who want to embarrass the hell out of your coworkers with a company bonding session. Those high-rise leotards can never be unseen. Pro-tip: To really look the part, we recommend these super bright headbands from Scunci.

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