20 Things To Do On A Rainy Day In Sydney

By Brooke Harrison
3rd Aug 2016

20 things to do on a rainy day in Sydney

Long-term residents of Sydney know that when rain is predicted, the grey clouds that hover over our once glorious and sunny city don’t mess around. As the saying goes, when it rains it pours and, let’s face it, we’re never really prepared enough for the torrential flooding that results, nor do we ever quite know what to do with ourselves, aaaand we all forget how to drive.

Fear not because, like you, we’re attached to our social life and a bit of precipitation isn’t going to ruin our day. Get your gumboots out and grab yourself a rain coat, we’ve found the best things to do in Sydney on a rainy day. 

So no more moping around in your onesies at home watching back to back episodes of OITNB, here are all the places you can cosy up in when the rain’s a-comin’. 

  1. Huddle in by the fire at The Commons with a cheese platter and a wine. 
  2. Bunker down in the underground restaurant Norsk Dor for a Nordic feed, because nothing warms you up more than food of the Vikings. 
  3. Order a mulled wine or three at these Sydney bars. 
  4. Huddle into a booth at The Republic for some starters with matched wines. If you’re feeling brave enough and the rain subsides, maybe you can even make your way up to Taylor’s rooftop post meal. 
  5. Grab a cocktail from underground bar, Lobo Plantation
  6. Get in touch with your cultural side at one of Sydney’s galleries. 
  7. Warm your insides with a pulled chicken and mushroom jaffle from The Drop in Annandale. 
  8. Get stuck into the jazz at Restaurant Hubert and be transported back to the 1920s speakeasy days, while sipping on a negroni.
  9. Enjoy a heart-warming bowl of Japanese noodle soup at Yasaka Ramen
  10. Curl up with a good book at Gertrude and Alice while sipping on spiced chai.  
  11. Get yourself a crazy good hot chocolate at Passiontree Velvet, maybe even commit to the high tea menu—those clouds aren’t clearing anytime soon.
  12. Get a coffee at Brewtown Newtown, go upstairs and shop, go back downstairs for a coffee. Repeat.
  13. Time to put your grandma’s lessons to good use and up your knitting and sewing skills at Sew Make Create. Don’t you just love wet weather activities?! 
  14. Look out onto the toy farm while you’re toasty warm at Acre Eatery
  15. Treat yourself to a massage at one of these best massage places in Sydney. 
  16. Stock up on the best wintery soups to get you through the day. 
  17. Three words: Thai. Hot. Pot
  18. Rainy days call for catching a movie. Grab a pre-cinema cocktail from Bat Country before making your way over to the Ritz.
  19. Listen to good tunes while snacking on naughty carbs at Mojo Record Bar.
  20. Challenge your mates to a great escape at Sydney’s PaniqRoom. If you ever make it out, here’s to hoping the sun will be shining! 

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Image credit: Federica Portentoso at Restaurant Hubert

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