6 Sydney Restaurants And Cafes To Visit This Weekend

By Jessica Best
4th Mar 2016

So 9 waterloo

Here’s the deal. There will be no messing around this weekend as we vow to only serve up the best of the best. We’ve sleuthed around for tastiest greasy street-food, the biggest burgers and the freshest takes on Vietnamese. Prepare for fine dining, open cooking and the perfect little cafes in Sydney for a quiet breakfast and the rest, is up to you!

Rockpool Bar and Grill


Get your serving of bold tastes under the high ceilings of Neil Perry’s Rockpool Bar and Grill this weekend. At the forefront of all the best restaurants in Sydney, Perry’s iconic temple of Australian modern cuisine has just brought out a new four-course a la carte menu expected to reinvigorate your average fine dining experience. Mixing udon with blue swimmer crab and gently grilled wagyu with wasabi and lime, the upscale, art deco steakhouse is definitely the ultimate place to dine.

So 9


Swap your frothy soy lattes for a glass of sweet, icy Vietnamese coffee this weekend. Sit-down or take away, brunch or dinner- you’re covered at Sydney Vietnamese restaurant, So 9. Combing the sticky, finger-licking, street-food favourites of Vietnam and super cool fittings amongst cool as colours, this warehouse conversion is a beautiful little theatre of a restaurant in Waterloo. Designed so you can see and smell the crackling and sizzling of shrimp cakes, pork patties and sugarcane prawns, there’s even a banh mi station out front for on-the-go deliciousness.

Blackwood Pantry


Fresher than home-grown orange juice, the Blackwood Pantry is the new casual dining hub, having just opened in Cronulla at the start of this year. With a chef who has worked in Michelin star establishments in London and Paris, the menu covers everything. And we mean that. For those who are picky, those who are shredding and even the ones who seem to be hangry all the time, you’re all catered for in a well-thought out, no-fuss, all-day menu. For good times and artfully crafted dishes, you’d be crazy to skip this new Sydney café this weekend.



We have our fair share of street-food domains in Sydney, but none quite like this. For the holy grail of gourmet food and all the way up from Canberra, BrodDogs has finally hit the streets of Sydney. A visit to this little red van is an absolute must this weekend for an experience reminiscent of the old-style markets and carnivals laden with food caravans. Parked on Charlotte Lane in Chatswood , BrodDogs has mastered the quintessential hotdog, with eight different styles to choose from oozing with spicy sauces, overloaded with bacon and smoked pork belly and topped with generous portions of gruyere cheese and corn relish… expect to be licking the tasty leftovers off your elbow afterwards!

Sloppy Tee’s


Luckily for us, Sloppy Tee’s has managed to join the revolutionary burger overhaul by perfecting our favourite meaty morsels and snacks with a visual punch and the idea of “slow food served fast” (um hello? That’s everything we’ve ever wanted in a food-joint). And why do we love this place? Because everything screams “Grab me by both hands and sink your teeth into me!”. It’s fair to say the on-site open bakehouse puts the crunchy cronut to shame, pumping out Nutella and salted caramel cruffins (that’s croissant and muffin) daily!

White Taro

Surry Hills

Adding to the line-up of a food-blogger’s paradise, White Taro is the new cornerstone of Albion Street in Surry Hills. Plating up a vivid smorgasbord of deconstructed banh mi, grilled watermelon, maple soaked bacon waffles and Viet skewer chicken on a black brioche bun, this little cafe upholds a food repertoire sprinkled with South East Asian influences that’ll be sure to give surrounding cafes a run for their money.

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Image credit: Jackielyn Powell

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